Independent gasification: independence

The quantity of private houses, summer houses and cottages is growing all the time. Independent gas supply for the countryside house can be realized fast and easily! Independent gasification only for 1 day will save your precious time, will offer you independence and will give you longevity and reliability in supply of the object by gas.

Independent gasification is efficient and available alternative to the main pipeline gas. This solution is cost efficient, convenient and perfectly reliable. Our skilled professionals will tell you about the advantages and details of independent gas supply systems. Independent gasification doesn’t require electrical powers, it is maintenance-friendly and the prices for gas are essentially lower than the prices for other types of fuel.

The West, Europe and Asia have already assured themselves in the advantage of independent gas supply system. But in some regions of Russian Federation and in member countries of Customs union the main gas pipeline is only in far future, as castles in the air. How to find solution for this problem?


Independent gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni»

«Gas guardians»? What’s this? Gas tank is a special cistern destined to store LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and a system of gas pipes to delivery gas to the consumers.

Independent Gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni» 100% solve a problem of gasification for an object.

Gas tanks from Italian Company «Antonio Merloni» are leading in operating characteristics offering high quality and long lasting, comfortable and economically advantageous solution.


Independent gasification for objects with different complexity degree.

To realize independent gasification for cottage village there is offered to install common LPG storage (cascade connection of gas tanks). In case of independent gasification for rural areas distributing gas pipelines cover the territory of independent gasification area.

Independent gas supply is required for appropriate functioning and for the growth of industrial enterprises which are not «fed» from the main gas pipeline. Thanks to independent gasification industrial objects reach high economical effect, they receive guarantees of noninterruptible working processes.

Independent gasification of residential house, cottage and summer house considers the following: visit of the object and on-site consultation, project development, delivery, mounting, starting-up and adjustment of the equipment and registration of the system. Gas equipment will allow to heat your summer house, to cook, to warm-up water, to generate electric power and start-up different systems and appliances.


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