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Technical diagnostics is an instrument which helps to maintain target level of reliability providing security requirements and efficiency of the equipment use. Technical condition of the object can be characterized by indication of defects that disturb correct and operational conditions as well as correct functioning state of certain appliance, units and the whole object itself.

Technical diagnostics for previously installed equipment is the reason for the following goals:

  • •  to extend operating life;
  • •  inspection of the conditions and characteristics, indicated in safety data sheet of the equipment (equipment of gas supply systems, independent canalization, pipelines, heating and refrigerating equipment and so on);
  • •  to indicate wear degree, accident risk during exploitation, mounting or reparation that might cause danger or loss of life and to environment.

Giving confidence to the professionals from GC “Terrikom” allowing them to make technical diagnostics of the equipment you can be sure in objective appraisal of its technical state as well as in extended and safe operating life.




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