To be on time before the frosts come: independent gasification in advance

To be on time before the frosts come
(pic. 23.1 – To be on time before the frosts come)
Independent gasification in advance
(pic. 23.2 – Independent
gasification in advance)

Winter of 2014: To be on time before the frosts come
Winter of 2014 is expected to be anomalous cold. It will be next shivery «gift» from the weather for the holidays powdered by the snow.

The strongest frosts are forecasted for January and February. Europe should prepare for the cycle peak of cold winters. Previous five ones were only a prelude. Ice crust made by the colds will be covered also by March which will start stepping back only in the middle of the spring.

Dominique Jung, famous German specialist, speaks about it. German National Weather Service agrees with him. Joe Bastardi, a weather forecaster from AccuWeather, the biggest private meteorological service in the USA, confirms this forecast; he pays attention to low sunspot activity and negative North Atlantic oscillation – a mark of cold winter.

The scientists from different parts of the world assure in the same breathe that the warms of the eighties and nineties of the previous century are in the past. Authoritative forecasters point at the increase of ice areas on the North Pole and in the Antarctic.

Cold weather will show us its nose already in November bringing along wind and good rainfalls. Especially hard winter is forecasted by the forecasters to Central Russia. It might become the coldest, ringing and snowing in this century.

Winter of 2014: Independent gasification in advance.
Who leaves hanging, will not be on time.
Should Vladimir Dubinsky supposed that «awaiting for good weather wonderful days are being gone away», sometimes it’s better to spend these days realizing that you are ready for the surprises from the weather, also realizing that your home is ready for the frosts. «Armed» with independent gasification. Don’t wait while all the conditions will ripe and the stem of thermometer will suddenly drop down.

Prepare for the winter time in advance. A system of independent gas supply on base of underground vertical gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni», mounted before the frosts will come, will allow to spend January holidays in warmth and comfort.

We wish your Home to be Gasified! Meet the winter together with the warm!



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