Independent air heating

Air heating on base of gas convectors
(pic. 36.1 – Air heating on base
of gas convectors)
Environment friendly system
(pic. 36.2 – Environment friendly system)

Independent air heating – is a heating system which heats a building by hot air.

Air heating system can be either central or zoned. The most effective system is zoned system of air heating, it guarantees reliability and comfort. Heating implements take care of exact room reacting strongly according to the situation and regulating the temperature till required parameters.

This system is organized on base of gas convectors. It does not have air-ducting system, it have only gas pipe which is connected to convector. Air zoned heating is based on principle of thermal interchange between heated room and combustor chamber of convector.


  • The possibility to turn on or turn off the heating.
  • Temperature adjustment in all rooms.
  • High efficiency factor.
  • Flexibility, fast «warming-up», economical efficiency, environment friendliness, modern automating
  • Independence from operating of community facilities.

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