Gas tank doesn’t interfere with seedbeds

Seedbeds will not disturb
(pic. 135.1 – Seedbeds will not disturb)

Gas pipeline from gas tank to the pediment of the private house is installed on the depth of 1,5-1,7 meters. Seeding depth depends on the size of the seed: from 1 to 7 cm. As we can see, these depths are completely different. Even all pervasive horseradish root assemblage cannot “reach” gas pipeline: secondary roots of the horseradish are situated on the depth of 30-40 cm.

That is why there will not be any problems. Underground cistern for liquefied petroleum gas storage will not disturb seedbeds. Flowers and grass planted around the gas tank will grow without any problems; and the “hat” of the cistern can be easily decorated and made as a center of wonderful flower beds.

Installation of gas pipeline can be realized even under the root assemblage of fruit and berry trees.
Have big harvest!

Gas tank doesn’t interfere with seedbeds

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