Standard gas tank mounting - “Eco”



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Standard gas tank mounting - “Eco” includes the following:

- set of operations to connect “Antonio Merloni” gas cistern;

- works to organize gas service pipe “Eco”;

- gas service pipe “Eco”;

- 20 meters of gas pipeline (HDP pipe, Ø32 mm);

- yellow polyethylene warning tape (with note “ATTENTION! GAS!”).

Polyethylene gas pipeline is installed under the ground – from gas tank to steel service pipe. Using gas pipes with this diameter (Ø32 mm) it’s possible to serve houses with area of 1500 m2.

Connecting gas pipeline to the neck tube of  gas tank it is used compressive brass adapter with brass insert which provides leak resistance for the area of connection.

Mounting of gas tank is realized by certified professionals with valid allowance PB 12-609-03. Each mounting operation requires competence and observance of precautions. For mounting it is used sparkles tools.

Warranty for the quality of mounting is 1 year.




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