Efficiency of independent gas. Benchmarking study of different energy sources

Energy sources cost
(Pic. 21.1 – Energy sources cost)
Power-supply source
(Pic. 21.2 - Power-supply source)

Independent gas tank for cottage, gasification of the house – this is an effective solution. But not to be unfounded it’s reasonable to analyze different types of power-supply sources. The cost of any energy source consists of the following components:

  • Equipment cost and its installation cost;
  • Maintenance cost (annual or quarter);
  • The cost of 1kWh received with the exact fuel type.

Let’s discuss different power supply sources taking into account these three components, this will help us to understand their disadvantages compared to independent gas.

Diesel fuel.
Quit low equipment (cistern, boiler with burner) and mounting cost. But each produced kWh becomes a very costly affair. One more disadvantage is obligate maintenance service. The biggest disadvantage of diesel fuel is its narrow possibilities: only heating system can be realized here (cooking is impossible, water heating and electricity generating are very expensive). Diesel fuel as an energy source (price for 1 kWh) is 37% chipper than electric power.

Electric power.
This is the most efficient but the most expensive energy source. At low cost of the heating equipment (to buy and mount it) there is another problem appears which is concluded in all-around deficiency of electric power which is needed for the customer, only few houses have enough quantity of electric power.

Solid fuel
Disadvantages: almost complete absence of the automatic performance, irregular warmth flow, room pollution, fire risk, requires permanent maintenance. It’s not convenient cooking with the wood and it’s almost impossible to get hot water. Solid fuel requires a preparation process and a storage place. Solid fuel as an energy source (price for 1 kWh) is 37% chipper than electric power.

Independent gas supply. Compare to land price and construction cost independent gas supply will not require considerable expenses. You’ll have a possibility to save, and the primary financial investments will be paid back fast. Liquefied petroleum gas price in Russia has almost reached the price ceiling that is why it becomes an economically viable alternative to other power sources. Today liquefied petroleum gas is chipper than diesel fuel; moreover, the gas potential of Russia is really huge. Independent gasification doesn’t require big expenses for technical maintenance. Price reducing is reaching by neighbor alliance creation – connection of neighbor houses. Propane-butane as an energy source (price for 1 kWh) is 56% chipper than electric power.



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