Is it required to «conserve» gas tank if you leave?

Conservation is not required
(pic. 131.1 – Conservation is not required)
Warm house
(pic. 131.2 – Warm house)

No. When we are speaking about independent gas tank, preparation for long-term inactivity is not required.

Moving away for weekend, vacations or for all the winter and leaving a system of independent gasification «being in charge» in the private house, you should understand that only the following moments are required:

1) Shut off gas supply: using the valve of flash fraction on the cistern (preferred) or using ball cock near the house;

2) Check the lock on the «hat» of gas tank, which prevents penetration;

3) Feel free and surrender your rest or affairs.

1) Leave gas convectors in the rooms operating on minimum temperature (13 ˚С) turning off electricity – to warm the house and wait for the owner.

It’s important. In winter countryside house should be warm. To cool it turning off heating system is not correct; that will rife with consequences. Water molecules start freezing: wallpaper falls off, the wood cracks. You can avoid it leaving air heating to work on minimum temperature mode. In this case the house which you’ll visit for weekend will welcome you with grateful warmth.

ОYou’ll only have to choose temperature mode, to turn the regulator and wait 10 minutes.

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