Objects realized by GC «Terrikom»: gasification of rabbit shed

Heating for rabbit shed
(pic. 109.1 – Heating for rabbit shed)

Realized objects, it’s an experience, satisfaction from well done work and appreciation of the clients. Always. Group of Companies «Terrikom» would like to introduce you the most interesting aims successfully realized.

Object: Rabbit shed in Moscow region, area of 50m2.

Goal: Efficient heating for rabbit shed for moderate price.

Solution: Independent gasification. Air heating on base of gas convectors.

Realization: electric power supply for the object didn’t consider any «spare» electricity. That is why there was settled on the variant with independent gas supply: there were installed three 500 liter gas tanks, gas pipelines, there were mounted air heating convectors. The system was tested for the pressure and activated.

Conclusion: therefore, there was realized heating for rabbit shed without electricity. Efficiency – 92%. Gas flow rate is 3 times less than in any water heating system. Durability – details in gas convectors are electrical (lifetime is up to 10 years). Agricultural object has been still operating.

Gasification of the rabbit shed for moderate price
(pic. 109.2 – Gasification of the rabbit
shed for moderate price)

It’s really nice to find solutions and realize them!
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