How other manufacturers are cheating.

Manufacturers’ cheatings
(Pic. 12.1 Manufacturers’ cheatings.)

How to buy a gas tank with optimal quality and cost correlation?

The manufacturers of gas tanks are cunning announcing «-40°С» in technical specifications of their tanks.

The manufacturers’ cheating is oriented to the customers who are not aware: these brave «-40°С» (lower working temperature limit) mean that horizontal tank will not lose its integrity in hard frost. And what’s about gas evaporating parameter? Gas evaporating in horizontal gas tank will be carried only at a temperature of over -22°С! At a temperature of lower than -22°С and with 1,5-1,7 m frost depth gas in horizontal tank will never convert from liquid state to gas. While «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.» vertical gas tanks really keep working capacity at a temperature of -40°С.

Manufacturers’ cunning
(Pic. 12.2 Manufacturers’ cunning.)

Horizontal gas tanks are designed to be used in regions where winter temperature never drops lower than -20°С.

It’s really pity but you should know that a lot of companies are not interested in selling high quality tanks, which operate without any problems all the year. The slogan of these unfair companies selling horizontal gas tanks is: «The client should pay at least twice!» Bought in summer horizontal tanks are losing their working capacity in winter and the owner is forced to buy an expensive evaporator sold with great pleasure by the manufacturer of «summer» horizontal gas tanks.

Announced price is just a base price. It includes land works but this price doesn’t consider the delivery cost of the sand (which is used to cover the tank) to the house and the cost for taking out of several dozens of cubical meters of loam. The base cost is valid only in case of fuel supply and service maintenance agreement (free call assistance in case of accidence, equipment inspection before and after heating season) with the same company.



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