Disadvantages in use of stove and diesel heating

Stove heating
(pic. 1.1 – Stove heating)

Heating systems such as stove or diesel have their disadvantages. Let’s discuss them.

1. Stove heating is irrational.

First of all, it’s too cumbrous. You lose considerable living space in the house. Big dimensions are explained by the necessity of thick walls which work as heat accumulators. The more solid appliance, the higher heat accumulation recourse, the more long lasting heat output to the room. Raising the stove efficiency factor (increasing the stovepipe length), we make the system more cumbrous; moreover, we make it more expensive.

Then the stove heating is inertial. There is no possibility to regulate the temperature fast inside the house, especially if it's necessary to increase it. The stove heats up very long and cools off very slowly.

The stove heating uses thermal power irrational, whose bulk is used to warm-up the walls of the stove and to accumulate the warmth inside them. The stove never heats the air itself. The huge quantity of the heat is always gone west – unused heating energy is flown out through the stovepipe.

The stove heating is poor efficient (its efficiency factor is only 25-35%).

It’s also necessary to remember that the distribution of the warm is irregular, that the stove heating pollutes the room and that it’s fire dangerous. Fuel wood and bricks should be loaded to the boiler manually, what makes the owner of the house “the slave of the boiler”. It’s not convenient cooking with the wood and it’s difficult (almost impossible) to get hot water. The automation level is terribly low. The fuel wood requires the preparation process and the storage place.

Diesel heating
(pic. 1.2 – Diesel heating)

2. Disadvantages of the diesel heating overweight its advantages.

Using the diesel heating you will be obliged to bear with the night booming of the diesel burner and fuel foul smell from the diesel cistern where the diesel-oil is supplied to the burner by the pump. To solve the problem with the smell and provide the room with the fire security (it’s forbidden to allow the diesel-oil fumes to accumulate in the air), you will have to open purse and organize the efficient sure venting system.

The usage of the diesel-oil requires the combustion products utilization and frequent service. During the burner functioning, the soot formation process is constant. Soot, appeared inside the combustor chamber, adhere on the boiler walls what causes the warm looses, declining the heat exchange factor and multiply fuel burn rate. That is why the combustor chamber requires to be disassembled and cleaned with special mixture against soot and smoke every 3-6 months. To provide good burner functioning you will need high quality fuel but, unfortunately, you never can rely on supplier’s reliability.

Diesel boilers should be installed in separate, well ventilated boiler-room. Boiler produces toxic emissions. Diesel-oil should be stored in warm room; in case of the outflow this sector will run into an environmental disaster zone. One more disadvantage of the diesel heating is its high maintenance expenses after first low cost payment. We suppose that this is the main disadvantage of the heating systems on base of diesel boilers. Diesel-oil received after oil distillation is one of the most expensive fuels – in equivalence of kilovar-hour of produced heat energy.

Local gasification is still a mystery for most of Russian people. Only small percentage of them has ever heard about local gas and knows something about its advantages.

Heating of a private house can be organized by different methods; not to examine this matter only from one side, i.e. advantages of local gas heating, we’ve paid attention also to other types of heating and examined disadvantages of stove and oil-fueled heating methods. We also wonder why people are so persistent in searching an alternative.



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