Price increase for electricity and water: trap of the market rates, search for the alternatives (part 3)

Worldwide level
(pic. 22.1 – Worldwide level)

It is planned that the calculation of regional norms will be based on the average rate of electrical power consumption which is typical for 70% of population. For the apartments with electrical heating and electric cooking appliance the low ceiling of social norm will be slightly lifted.

However analyst Igor Nikolaev forecasts permanent increase of the rates for electric power. The reasons of this increase are the reforms made by RAO “ES of Russia” where the result was the governmental guarantees of permanent price increase. The Ace in the shape of guarantees was given to the investors who wished to return their investments to generating capacities.

In the mid-terms (from 1 to 5 years) the price increase for electricity might be 1,5-2 times ahead of the inflation. During the first year over-norm consumption of the electric power will be rated no more than 1,3 time more than the rates for social norms. Later, it will be higher. Systematic increase of premium rate during next years will get precise orienting point – market price. As a result, in 2030 the Government of Russia will be able to completely refuse from the subsidization of the cost for electric power for the citizens.

As “Vedomosti” newspaper forecasts, the correlation of the price for electric power for the citizens and the cost for electric power for industrial consumers will be the following: to 2015 – 0,83, to 2020 – 1, to 2030 – 1.7.

During last 10 years the cost for electricity in Russia for domestic consumers has been increased in almost 4 times, closely came to the worldwide prices for the electric power.

Economy and alternatives
(pic. 22.2 – Economy and alternatives)

In the current situation it is become relevant a search of alternatives.

First of all it is relevant for the owners of private houses, summer houses and cottages, for whom who heat the building by electric power (electric boilers, electric convectors). The dependence from the electric nets will turn soon to the disabling burden, to the wasting burden of the expenses. In the near future.

Independent gas supply will be the best alternative where the main element is vertical gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni». Organization of the independent air heating system in the house will be on base of gas convectors which realize temperature control in each room.



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