Correct gas supply. New gasification approach.

Independent gasification of private house
(Pic. 15.1 – Independent gasification
of private house.)
Correct gasification approach
(Pic. 15.2 - Correct gasification approach.)

Gasification of the house is a serious and demanding challenge. Gas supply requires a correct approach.

Country house should be cozy, warm, comfortable and clean. Advanced independent gasification systems will help you to reach it.

Independent gasification of private house, cottage, summer house, residential complex and industrial project becomes more relevant and popular. American and European experience have been demonstrating us efficiency in use of local liquefied petroleum gas supply; for decades abroad people have been using an independent gas supply systems.

History illustrates that liquefied petroleum gas (LPG – Liquefied Petroleum Gas, GPL – Gaz Petroleum Liquide) was used everywhere in collective farms, state farms and remote regions without the main “pipeline”. On the territory of former republics of the USSR liquefied gas is still used in mining, even after supply break down to many regions because of the Soviet Union destroy. In the past independent gas was developed only on bottled gas level; development of other power supply industries retarded by low-cost mainline gas. Today an average cost of mainline gas is increasing approaching to an average European cost. Due to this tendency an industry of independent gas supply systems has started quickstepping developing.

It’s a paradox but along the entire length of Gazprom pipe in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug an operational personnel never uses mainline pipe gas choosing for heating an independent gas (for canteen and hotel operating).

Russian market offers quit wide range of different heating systems with their advantages and disadvantages. The most popular and beneficial variant is the heating systems which don’t depend on the electrical power. Independent gasification becomes an ultimate solution during nowadays increase of individual construction, which is restrained by insufficient heating energy sources in building area. “Personal gas in everyday life” is not a curiosity anymore. Using liquefied petroleum gas for everyday and housekeeping needs it’s reasonable to install underground tanks (vertical gas tanks, evaporating gas in required volume at a temperature up to -40ºС, or horizontal tanks evaporating gas at a temperature up to -20ºС).

The conditions of modern market and understanding of independent gas supply systems’ advantages inspired many construction companies to buy land without distribution pipelines. This land is much chipper compared to proportional land area with the complex of life support systems. Buying a land, construction companies use heating systems which don’t require electrical power. They save using independent gasification! It means that advanced construction companies buy a land along the roadways out of agglomerations where land cost is quite low and, engineering low cost independent gas supply systems they create comfortable conditions without any need and desire limits for future housemates and their guests!



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