Russian magnates are putting on the ritzy: Alisher USMANOV acquired MERLONI villa which belonged to Antonio MERLONI.

Chenies Manor House
(Pic. 1.1 - Chenies Manor House.)
The second largest island in Mediterranean Sea, which comfortably settled down between Corsica and Sicily catches the fancy of Russian magnates. We are speaking about Sardinia, an independent region of Italy, about the most beautiful snow-white beaches in Europe, about wonderful clean sea which is either transparent-blue or brightly-emerald.

Financial magnates build their kingdom In Romazzino region, which is situated between Porto Cervo and Porto Rotondo towns (the most expensive, stylish and elegant seaside resorts of Sardinia).

Russian manager and entrepreneur, a billionaire Alisher USMANOV raised the summer chart top of spendthrifts on the property market; he bought MERLONI villa which belonged to Antonio MERLONI, the leader of «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.» Corporate. The amount announced in mass media is 35 million Euro.

The piquancy of this villa is concluded in its big park which goes down close to the waters of the gulf. Alisher USMANOV owns seven more houses in Romazzino region which fascinates by its beauty.

Billionaire celebrated his new investment by grand “Venetian” carnival. Especially for this party, Usmanov, a lover of fancy-dress balls, delivered from Venice several dozens of gondolas whereon the guests robed in carnival dresses arrived to Romazzino gulf. Of course, there was also live orchestra, fireworks, caviar, fresh fish, expensive wines and champagne.

It’s no wonder that local newspaper “La Nuova Sardegna” called Russian billionaires “new kings of Emerald coast”.


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