Cargo insurance. Recommendations for stress-relieving transportation.

Insurance companies which work on the market of transport insurance services often guaranty only legal proceedings, lost time and nerves. In the most cases transportation and cargo insurance is provided by the client himself. But it also may happen that the client wants to use the complete service package, to get the recommendations about transport and/or insurance companies.

Contract signing
(pic. 33.1 – Contract signing)
Please, indicate all transportation details
(pic. 33.2 – Please, indicate all
transportation details)

When you address to a transport company for the cervices it’s required to sign a contract where there will be indicated the following:

1).  Terms of transportation for «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.A.» gas tanks:
-Vertical positioning.
-Fixation to the edges.
2). Registration of cargo insuring with the list of possible insurance events and indicating the name of insurance company.

Addressing to an IC or the client himself should sign a direct contract with the insurance company. Whichever transportation way you use, it should represent in the contract itself or in the separate annex to the contract all possible insurance events and also the moments which are not considered as the insurance events. It is acceptable to refer to legislative and/or inside instructions.

The following events are considered as insurable: 

  • Complete cargo damage during road traffic accidence (collision, downfall from the highway, damages because of wrong and/or nondurable fixation to the vehicle body or on the platform).
  • Partial damage which brought to impossible using and to the loss of marketable condition.
  • Other events. 

To be insured separately: 

  • Transportation cost.
  • Compensating of repair works in case of partial loss of marketable condition or in case of partial damages but without sacrificing of operating characteristics.
  • The company which conducts an expert appraisal of damage degree is discussed separately. The preference is given to the independent expert appraisal made by professionals from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  

GC «Terricom» strongly recommends to solve all the problems before to sign a contract for the transportation of the equipment.

Be attentive to the hidden pitfalls of the insurance companies. Only meticulous observing of all the details will allow you to get the insurance.

Professionals from GC «Terricom», made a research among insurance companies; this allows them now to recommend you «INGOSSTRAKH». OSAO «INGOSSTRAKH» is one of the biggest Russian insurance companies which offers the most complete list of insurance services and clear system to apply them.

(pic. 33.3 – Ingosstrakh)

An ideal way of the delivery: from Moscow, by manipulator with one driver, directly to the object. The conditions from «Ingosstrakh» Company provide insurance of the goods, delivery cost, loading-unloading works, and additional 10% for unexpected expenses. In case of insured event occurrence the equipment is the subject to be repaired – – «INGOSSTRAKG» pays complete repair (including expenses for work, replacement of the details, on-site visit, and business trip expenses of the professional). In case the equipment cannot be repaired – «INGOSSTRAKH» compensates the cost of the equipment, transportation cost, loading-unloading works and additional 10% for unexpected expenses.

We hope that our recommendations will help you to take out insurance to avoid unexpected expenses and stress.

Remember: «To lose the cargo is to lose the money».



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