«Antonio Merloni» on the Exhibition AQUA-THERM Moscow 2014: after taste

(pic. 34.1 – «ANTONIO MERLONI» on the Exhibition

Fruitful. Informative. Rich with communication. Little bit crazy.

All these words are about foure days of international exhibition Aqua-Therm Moscow 2014, which took place from the 4th to the 7th of February in the International Exhibition Center “Crocus Expo”.

Great Exhibition was organized before the opening of winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Closeness of Olympic Games sustained general doubts: what if the exhibition will be ignored, what if nobody will come because the main part of the visitors are the citizens of other cities and regions. The worries were for nothing. AQUA-THERM Moscow 2014 beat record rate of attendance set in 2013. The exhibition was visited by 27 666 persons! That was the EXHIBITION with capital letter.

The organizers welcomed new participants and old friends. Here there was laid a foundation of future collaboration, people were exchanging by the experience and skills, new possibilities were opening, useful information was absorbing, questions were causing the answers, and the friendliness caused the smiles. That was also just interesting, informative and sometimes spirited.

Photo report from the exhibition
(pic. 34.2 – Photo report from the exhibition)

Visitors from the regions and other countries shown quit big interest to the companies which participated in the exhibition and to their equipment. Group of Companies «Terrikom», which is official representative of Italian Company «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.» in Russia, appeared in the grip of the interest. Craftsmen and engineers who deal with the heating, water supply and septic tanks for the most part have never heard of independent gasification for 1 day. They filled in the gaps in their knowledge about it with great interest, familiarizing with Italian gas tanks and systems of independent gas supply. People who have already dealt with the products from «Antonio Merloni», corporate took catalogues and DVD discs; the rest were avidly listening and asking, asking, asking. What is gas tank? How to charge it? Which advantages does independent gasification give? Its reliability? … In the end of the first day professionals of GC «Terrikom» little bit hoarsened but felt a real pleasure from the communication.

Great interest was expressed by wholesale and retail clients. There were some companies on the exhibition which also dealt with gas supply but on the base of horizontal cisterns from other manufacturers. There were discussed details and problems occurred during the work. One owner of horizontal gas tank told about the ceremony which he presided each winter: every morning he had “to make a pilgrimage” to the frozen gas tank and pour icy gear by hot water from the kettle until gas supply starts again. Mounting organizations who realized the installation of horizontal cistern also noted the problems with gears, which were not adapted to operate during cold seasons.

If we speak about the exhibition in general, there was noted a big quantity of companies which advertized itself but not a product. Sometimes the fantasy of the participants flowed in the direction which is far away from the heating and sanitary ware technical equipment. Visitors watched the girls who were swimming in glass pool, they took photos standing next to tricycle «Gold Wing», covered by crystals, and they climbed the bobs, probably inspired by Olympic start. Some participants treated by free bear and champing.

Group of Companies «Terrikom», which presented equipment from «Antonio Merloni», concentrated on the main thing. We advertized the quality and comfort of the gas tanks. Five meter stand was stylized on the couleur of a town, where the independent gasification could be easily organized with underground gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni».

On the stand of «Antonio Merloni» there was presented all the product line of gas tanks, including cut at halves 500L cistern which clearly demonstrated structural elements. The catalogue of «Antonio Merloni» products provided with complete information: technical specification, drawings, prices uniform for all Russia – everything in one catalogue. DVD discs included drawings and video materials concerning mounting of independent gas supply systems, feedback from the clients, photos from the objects and mini-catalogue.

A team of GC «Terrikom» was pleasantly tired. All four days of the exhibition stand with «GASIFICATION» sign constantly had crowds of people: they were asking, snatching away the catalogues and discs and watching the screens of TV panels. The exhibition was successful and dynamic. There were arranged agreements with some companies for the current year concerning gasification of several towns.

We appreciate for fantastic after taste and magnificence of life contact – organizers, visitors, new and old friends,… everybody, everybody, everybody!

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