Independent heating system for apartment.

Independent heating system for apartment
(pic. 40.1 – Independent heating
system for apartment)
«Alpine Air» radiant convector gas heater
(pic. 40.2 – «Alpine Air» radiant
convector gas heater)

Due to the high price for water heating people are forced to look for other ways of «warmth appeal» to their apartments. In the apartments and private houses, where gas is already laid, financial inconvenience is solved by switching to independent gas heating.

How to organize independent heating system in an apartment, which advantages does it promise?

Everybody knows about «the fairness» of communal payments for centralized heat supply when the cost is distributed among all the housemates, it also includes the money wasted down the drain – opened windows in the entrance halls, everlasting drafts, radiators in public places which work on maximum. Moreover, radiators start operating only at pointed outdoor temperature and only after exact date.

Switching to independent heating is realized in the following way: refuse from hot-water heating and disassembling of water radiators. Mounting of gas convectors in each room, connecting to gas riser on the kitchen and providing with fire security. So, your room gets chip warmth refusing from «gold» municipal heating station. Probably, you will succeed to agree an independent heating system for the apartment proved that you will completely refuse from the hot-water heating service.

The same principle can be used to refuse from municipal hot water which is in tens of times more expansive than cold water. It is possible to heat the water connecting to gas pipe. Without being afraid that it will be cut off!

Are you afraid of registration problems? But why you are not afraid of banal robbery by heating supply companies, of the payment for lost warmth during delivery from the centralized source?

Think about independent heating system for your apartment which will allow to adjust the temperature in the rooms within the accuracy of a degree. Fast and convenient.

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