Independent gas tank.

Independent gas tank of Italian manufacturer «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.» is a high-technology product where you can find quality, reliability, long-lasting and safety.

Gas tanks for summer houses, made in Italy
(pic. 5.1 – Gas tanks for summer houses,
made in Italy)
Corrosion-resistant epoxy coating Carboline
(pic. 5.2 – Corrosion-resistant
epoxy coating “Carboline”)
Unique protecting bag Marsupio
(pic. 5.3 – Unique protecting bag “Marsupio”)

Gas tanks for summer houses are made of low-alloyed 7-10 mm sheet steel on special equipment of high technological effective factory. Plate structures are formed and casted automatically. Upper and lower cistern bowls are pressed out from whole piece steel by huge press machines. An advantage of low-alloyed steel is its advanced specifications and low transition temperature range (here we get long-lasting operating lifetime of the equipment and operating temperature response less than - 40°С). Buying the short-life equipment of other companies you are subscribing yourself to prompt future replacement of the cisterns, doubling or tripling their base cost.

Outside surface of cistern body is covered by three corrosion-resistant epoxy coatings of 800 microns thickness (standard is 500 microns). This coating is produced by «Carboline» Company, worldwide leader in research, development and production of protective coatings for steel surfaces. Today this is the most reliable and efficient metal protection under the ground. Paint on epoxy resin base is dried up according to the patented technology in special chamber, this provides gas tank surface with chemical-physical impact protection. Special surface inside gas tank provides it with corrosion protection.

Italian independent gas tank is not afraid of outside and inside corrosion thank to patented production technology of double wall tank (bulb inside bulb). The space between gas tank walls is fulfilled with special composition which doesn’t affect heat transmission and allows inside bulb to “absorb” warmth of the earth. Boiling and evaporation of liquified gas provides the fulfilling this very important condition.

Three-component anodic-cathodic protection (two cathodes and one anode) is the only one protection for the tank from underground vagabond and induce current impact. The protection is connected and activated in workshops of Italian Corporation. Battery charge will be enough for all life-time of gas tank.

Italian Company «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А. » has patented unique protecting bag “Marsupio”. This bag is made of strong conducting polymer (life-time is more than 150 years), protecting the tank from mechanical damages during seasonal soil movements. «Marsupio» is connected to anodic-cathodic protection and maintains its active state all the year thank to special sand (on concrete- alkaline base) inside the bag. Special “Marsupio” bag uses down-hole (to 3 m) earth thermal capacity to warm liquified petroleum gas. It speeds up and simplify installation process on place (the bag has mounting slings), excluding any risk of wrong installation.

«Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А. » gas tanks can be used in almost any climatic region of Russian Federation, even during strong cold period. In extreme conditions like serious temperature drops, the tanks are not only maintaining their integrity (like the tanks of other producers, at best) but also their working efficiency (!); they continue evaporating gas in required volumes. Horizontal gas tanks evaporate gas at a temperature of -20ºС; vertical gas tanks evaporate gas at a temperature of -40ºС.

All storage tanks for liquified petroleum gas are made according to ISPESL Raccolta "VSR", "M", "S", European Directive 97/23/CE and according to EN 14075 (underground gas tanks) and EN 12542 (above ground gas tanks) standards. All the equipment, used in Italian gas tanks also corresponds to the Standards and European Directives.

Italia is a center of engineering movement. The history and the Company approach inspire profound respect.



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