Payment and delivery.

Payment and delivery of equipment for independent gasification
(Pic. 1.1 – Payment and delivery of equipment
for independent gasification.)

Business process of payments and deliveries for independent gasification equipment.

How to proceed a payment?
After an order placement and invoicing we offer our clients to choose the most convenient method to pay ordered equipment. We offer the following possibilities:

1) Payment by cash.
A client pays by cash in the office of our Company.

2) Payment by transfer.
A client can get invoice in our office or to receive it by e-mail. The payment is made by transfer to the bank details indicated in the invoice:

  • By bank transfer.
  • By bank card.
  • From individual entrepreneur’s current account.
  • Via electronic wallet (Yandex.Money, WebMoney transfer and so on).
  • Other method convenient for a client
Delivery of Gas tank
(Pic. 1.2 – Delivery of Gas tank)

Which delivery way to chose?
We offer our clients three ways of gas tank delivery:

1) Self delivery.
This is the chippest delivery way. Client gets equipment for independent gasification from stock in Moscow by himself or it can be made by his authorized representative.

2) Delivery by the transport of our Company.
This is the most expensive but the most reliable way. Client can use transport and manipulator facilities of our Company. This guarantees careful and reliable gas tank transportation which is realized with all security precautions maintenance.

3) Delivery by Transport Company.
To realize long distance deliveries to other cities a client can go to a Transport Company. Client informs us about a forwarder chosen on a transport market. Then we load equipment by our facilities to this transport company which will deliver it to the required city. The goods will be met by the client or by our sales representatives.

Saving on delivery remember about the following: transport companies don’t guarantee equipment safekeeping! Usually they don’t care in which state the client will get his goods. Forget about ideal delivery. Transport Companies carry out big risk. Equipment for independent gasification requires a very serious approach. Perfect and the only one correct way of gas tank transportation is vertical delivery on a separate truck and with manipulator. It’s completely forbidden gas tank to contact with any other goods. The most transport companies not only never guarantee to observe all these conditions but also never have a transport for vertical transportation. All that you can do in this case is to hope for occasion and for driver’s honesty – are you ready to risk? Don’t look for economy where it might involve loses and nerves! A popular way to search the chippest solutions usually turns to unpleasant situation.

Only after cooperative discussion of transportation mode a client chooses the most convenient one and makes a final order.

Our on-line shop works within 24 hours and basically offers available solutions of independent gasification for country house. All orders are processed immediately on an on-going basis. Delivery is organized after the receipt of the money on our account.


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