Economy and ecological properties of «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А. » gas tanks.

Gas keeper
(Pic. 11.1 – Gas keeper;)
Economy of gas tanks
(Pic. 11.2 – Economy of gas tanks.)

Italian «gas keepers» will become bargain buys; they will be paid back very quickly thanks to their huge lifetime (50 years). «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.» gas tanks for summer houses will not lose their working efficiency even during hard winter, you will not have to open your purse to buy an expensive evaporator!

Independent gasification in country house is very popular because the price for gas is considerably lower than the price for other kinds of fuels. Independent gas heating doesn’t require electrical power and it is “nice” in maintenance.

Propane-butane has a lot of advantages:

  • its price is connected to stable barrel of oil price (this cost is strictly balanced and predictable);
  • technological and customer properties of propane-butane in gas state are similar to the properties of natural gas;
  • for gas tanks operating on propane-butane the following requirements are not needed: authorization documentation, land tax, engineering and coordinated approvals (connecting to the boilers up to 100kW);
  • the cost and efficiency factor of propane-butane are compare favorably with methane;
  • long lasting storage of propane-butane doesn’t change its properties.
  • The use of liquefied petrol gas (LPG) as a fuel is highly environmentally friendly;
  • in case of fuel leakage it almost completely evaporates, it never accumulates in the ground;
  • completely burning up it forms incommensurably less soot than diesel fuel;
  • it has better energy-ecological burning component.

Two level indicators provide precise tank fill indication (allowance band in 5 tons tanks is only about 0.1%), so, you will not have any more doubts if you made correct decisions to spend these amounts for charging.



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