Gasification of towns and agglomerations.

Independent gasification of cottage village has small difference from gasification of independent object. To save budget, environment and get some profit it’s reasonable to create in a town one common liquefied petroleum gas holder. Gasification of agglomerations becomes economically viable if gasification plan of the town includes at least 10 potential houses.

Gasification of cottage village
(Pic. 26.1 – Gasification of
cottage village)
Gas supply for agglomerates
(Pic. 26.2 – Gas supply
for agglomerates.)

Independent gasification of village has the following distinctive features:

  • One common liquefied petroleum gas holder (LPG holder) which is used by each house in the cottage village. LPG holder should be fenced and illuminated.
  • LPG holder (underground or above ground) consists of several gas tanks;
  • Independent gasification of village is a real distribution net of gas pipes which covers whole territory of the sector with independent gas supply.

The main components of independent gasification in agglomeration:

  • A group of tanks for liquefied petroleum gas storage (propane-butane) with anode-cathode protection system from galvanic corrosion;
  • Drain assembly for tank charging from the gas carrier;
  • Gas pipes for two states of liquefied petroleum gas (liquid and steam);
  • Water drain boot to collect and delete condensate accumulated in the gas pipe;
  • Pumping system and control panel;
  • Utility meter.

Independent gasification of cottage village doesn’t require reinforced security. LPG holder fulfills the following functions: it operates as liquefied petroleum gas holder and as propane-butane charger from gas carrier; it evaporates liquid gas, regulates pressure of steam gas and distributes gas to the customers.

Independent gasification of remote agglomerates which are not gasified is an optimal and efficient solution which will help to provide a cottage chains with the warmth and the light, it will also allow to reduce house owners’ gasification expenses. Independent gasification of the village is approximately 1.5 times more profitable than individual gasification. It’s possible to reduce design and mounting cost developing an individual plan for specific landscape according to client’s desires.



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