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The main steps in gas tank mount:

·      Ground works: preparation of the pit and the trench for the gas pipeline (additional works).

ü Installation of the base for gas tank – support plate which compensates ground movements.

·      Gas tank delivery by manipulator (additional works).

ü Installation and fixation of the cistern in the pit, connection of anode-cathode protection.

ü Connection of the cistern to the gas pipeline. This stage also supposes the installation of the pressure regulator with safety valve.

ü Mount of external gas pipeline (HDP pipes) and service pipe.

·      Mount of internal gas pipelines, installation of air pollution sensor and shut-off valve (additional works).

ü Pressure testing operations with the following inspection of connections under excess pressure.

·      Installed cistern and gas pipeline are covered by the sand; warning tape of yellow color with indelible sign “DANGER! GAS! ” is placed in the gas pipeline trench (additional works).

ü Start-up works (previously gas tank is charged by liquefied gas).

ü Commissioning

·      Start-up operations for gas equipment – connection to gas consumers: kitchen stove, boilers, direct-flow water heaters, electrical gas generators, air heating systems and so on (additional works). 

● Additional works are paid separately

Attention! Installation, connection and diagnostics of the system, gas tank charge should be realized only by certified professionals!

Warranty for mounting works – 1 year




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