Energy strategy of Russia for the year 2030
(pic. 16.1 – Energy strategy of Russia
for the year 2030)
Fuel balance
(pic. 16.2 – Fuel balance)
Ecological properties of natural gas
(pic. 16.3 - Ecological properties
of natural gas)

Energy strategy of Russia: focus to the year 2030

Long-term energy strategy of Russian Federation, developed and confirmed for the period to 2030, determines the following:

  • Requirement of Russia for the fuel and power resources.
  • The main directions and formation proportions of Fuel & Energy Complex sector.
  • Development Indicators.

As for electrical energy industry, long-term outlook is determined by the master plan of electricity generation facilities position. The primary energy sources (gas, coal, and other energy sources) in the master plan complement each other.

New addition of the master plan considers economical efficiency of different types of electrical power stations and also anticipated prices for fuel and equipment.

Maximum variant which considers a depletion of economic natural gas resources provides the guarantee of demand growth by means of coal power stations (increase of coal proportion to 37%). For the long-term it is considered wide use of nuclear energy and renewable energy sources (solar energy, wind power, biomasses, geothermal power, and small hydropower plants).

Intensive energy saving significantly reduces the demand of new generating capacities but anyway it is impossible to do without their augmentation in the future. New capacities should be provided by the most effective and economic way. Electric power stations which operate on environment-oriented natural gas are effective for the most regions of Russia.

Together with the master plan of electricity generation facilities position there was developed the master plan of gas industry development (till the year 2030) which includes the forecast of gas industry development, valuation of advanced levels of natural gas extraction and definition of the recourses for domestic consumption.

The quantity of gas required for electric power stations corresponds to the forecasted resources oriented for the needs of electrical energy industry. There is no any resource limits for the period till the year 2030 – utilization capacity of natural gas in the electrical energy industry will be determined by economical factors.

Natural gas which has good ecological characteristics is in great demand on the world market. Foreign countries buy natural gas for needs of the electrical energy industry and suppose to increase gas ratio in the fuel balance. Besides the export of gas heightened attention in Russia is paid to its application on electric power stations – for the purpose of environmental care and the increase of electrical energy industry efficiency.




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