Graveyard of horizontal gas tanks: economy at a loss.

“A cheapskate pays twice.” Of course, everybody has heard this proverb which came from other languages. In spite of the fact that you will not find it in a book “Russian national proverbs” of Vladimir Dal, this proverb is very actual in our country and for our customers.

English people usually say: “I’m not so reach to buy chip things.” And they are right!

кладбище горизонтальных газгольдеров
(Pic. 30.1 – Graveyard of horizontal
gas tanks.)

This affirmation also concerns us when we buy gas tanks of poor quality. Seduced to lower price and confined in unfair manufacturer and supplier who conceal a real state of things (real operating life, temperature required for gas evaporating) you doom yourself to new expenses in future. You also doom yourself to disappointment, to time and nerves loss. You work for close perspective, for a a GRAVEYARD OF HORIZONTAL GAS TANKS.

A purchase of poor quality and low cost equipment for independent gasification is a wasteful economy!

Economy at a loss has small difference from wastefulness. This is a look to today only; as for the future - let things happen as they will! There are a lot of examples of wasteful economy: some closed fire stations to save budget and then rushed billions of rubles, forces of army and volunteers to suppress the fire. Never thinking of the future, a cheapskate pays twice.

Look at the photos and be inspired with its dark sadness. You can see a graveyard of tanks for independent gas supply. The last shelter for horizontal gas tanks, which were worn out much earlier than announced operating lifetime should have been occurred.

The future came too early. Not in 30, 40 and sometimes 50 yes – as it was bravely (not even bravely but disgraceful!) promised by the producers. These black skeletons are metal dead, freeze and rusted refused gas tanks. The broken and useless item was just thrown away. And no more than 10 years passed since it was bought.

Are you still thinking of saving on the quality? Whether the game is not worth the candle? Would you still like to risk?
Producers of horizontal gas tanks use some tricks. Contrary to vertical gas tanks of «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.» (They really maintain working capacity at the temperature of -40°С), -40°С lower temperature limit prescribed in the technical data for horizontal gas tanks of other manufacturers doesn’t mean evaporating gas parameter! This means only that the tank will not be collapsed during strong frost! Gas evaporating in horizontal tank will occur only at the temperature above -22°C. At the temperature lower -22°C and at 1.5-1.7 m depth of ground freezing gas in horizontal tank will stay in liquid state.

Regretfully it’s not profitable for many manufacturers to sell high quality tanks with long lasting operating lifetime, which work without any failures all the year. Unfair manufacturers and sellers of horizontal gas tanks rephrased “A cheapskate pays twice” to “Client should pay at least twice” and use it as a slogan. Would you still like to be gotten scammed? Are you ready to drive your became useless gas tank to similar graveyard and then to open a purse for unscheduled expenses? And it will not the last risk and last expenses. Horizontal tanks bought in summer are losing their working capacity, and the owner is obliged to fork up and buy an expensive evaporator which will be sold him with great pleasure by a manufacturer of horizontal “summer” gas tank.

Learn from mistakes of others, not from yours. Remember about dark economical bottom of dangerous advice: “The best thing is the cheapest one!” This is a mistake, a stereotype of post- Soviet area.

Don’t save at a sacrifice.
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