Credit financing: comfortable percent of over payment.

We’ll be very glad if this offer will be interesting for you, if it will allow to reconsider an approach to the equipment buy and if it will regenerate your plans to improve life support system in you cottage, country house or summer house. Your own “quite corner” should have warmth, domesticity and comfort.

Credit financing in Alfa-Bank
( Pic. 32.6 – Credit financing in «Alfa-Bank»)

Credit offers from «ALFA-BANK» have made this goal more simple and accessible. Advanced heating and independent gasification systems have become closer! Reformulating a slogan of our partner («We do more than others to make the world of finances simpler and more convenient») we can bravely say «Equipment buy has become simpler and more convenient».

Credit from «ALFA-BANK» for equipment - it’s convenient!
You will not have to collect money, to save on recurrent expenses and weigh all pros and contras every day. Group of Companies «Terrikom» in partnership with «ALFA-BANK» has taken care of your interests and offer you «Lucky» or «Lucky Light» consumer credits.

Remember that you overpay only 7-8%. This advantage is offered by the repayment schedule during the year – the percent is paid from the principal amount of the loan (rest of the debt amount). 20% rate for the credit use will run into minimal 7-8% of final overpayment in a year. It’s impossible to lose this possibility!

8% of annual overpayment
( Pic. 32.7 – 8% of annual overpayment )

Complete transparency and predictable credit procedures are at your disposal. Getting goods on credit but not money you exclude useless risks and tribulations. Moreover, cash credit always involves raised percentage rate (Bank is trying to secure itself from any risks). While equipment on credit reduces risks of Bank – this is a reason of such convenient annual overpayment percent.

We are appreciated that you are with us! Thank you that you chose our quality and aspire to the perfect comfort.
Group of Companies «Terrikom» appreciate its high reputation and value each client and partner. Moderate percentage rates from «ALFA-BANK» (who takes a leading position in banking sector of Russia) are the result of confidence. We wish it to grew and gotten more strong! Particularly thank to honesty and responsibility of our clients.




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