A truck with gas tanks had an accident

gas tank after the shock
(pic. 8.1 – gas tank after the shock)
gas tank after car accident
(pic. 8.2 – gas tank after car accident)
broken gas tank
(pic. 8.3 – broken gas tank)

A truck with gas tanks had an accident on its way to the client.

Unfortunately, transportation of the cisterns for independent gas supply holds considerable dangers and risks. The reasons why negative events might occur are the negligence of drivers, slapdash attitude of transport companies to the secure of the equipment and fatal accidences.

The fatal event for the equipment occurred on the 8th of March, 2013 in 600 km from the final destination – from Surgut.

Our client bought two vertical gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.», with the volume of 2250L. The client who was the owner of the transport company on West-East direction used his own transport. Received gas tanks in Moscow and loaded them on the truck, the client sent the goods to Surgut.

On the way to the final destination there happened a head-on crash. The truck which transported gas tanks was bumped by lost control car. The car which drove to the contraflow lane was loaded by a metal tube. In the result of collision one gas tank was crushed in the body and the second cistern was thrown out from the truck to muddy snowbank.

On the photos you can see the consequences of the accident: crushed metal of the gas tank which has unique characteristics and which is produced only in Italy.

Terrible frontal collision, fortunately, did not cause any human losses. That was only a miracle which saved the drivers of the vehicles.

As a result, our client was obliged to buy a new vertical gas tank. During future mounting a sales agent of our company will have to determine reconstruction level of damaged equipment.

Of course, nobody can be protected from accidents on the road but it would not go amiss to remind: to work up a transportation schema is no less important part of the work for the sales agent than to search a new client and sell him a gas tank. If you work up logistic schema by yourselves you should automatically consider a point with equipment insurance.

Transport companies are always a certain risk. The situations when unfair transport companies transported goods in inappropriate way confirm this affirmation by their negative example.

Don’t search for the economy where it can carry losses and lost time.



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