Gas supply plan for the house.

Gas supply plan for the private house is a very important moment in an independent gasification organization. You can discuss for a long time that independent gas supply without project is just a theoretical planning and that you will not step further than just making a decision about independent gasification; you will never reach a complete understanding of this questions without gasification plan.

Gasification plan for the house
(Pic. 29.1 – Gasification plan
for the house.)
Country house of your dream
(Pic. 29.2 – Country house
of your dream)

It’s very important to understand the following moments: gas supply plan for private house, first of all, is the calculation of pipeline section which will provide all the consumption devices with sufficient gas volumes and pressure required for good operating. For big houses it’s especially important to calculate correct diameter and inner resistance of gas pipeline (you should consider all crossings, branching and bends). It will help to avoid any future rearrangements and modifications. Regardless of customers’ location, the length of pipe line and its running way all devices should get gas in required volumes and under sufficient pressure.

An ultimate solution is to address to professionals for assistance. Gasification plan for private house, designed by professionals, excludes wrong functioning (for example, insufficient gas supply to the devices what might cause interruptions in operating of heating and hot water supply systems).

Independent gasification of the house on base of gas tank will be designed on projecting stage taking into account particular characteristics of landscape, design and interior decoration of future house. Designing the house with capacity of no more than 100 kW authorization documents is not required(equipment approval is required only when the capacity is more than 100kW). Gas supply plan for private house can be also used as a reminder: some years late this plan of independent heating of the house will help the client to remember exact position of external and internal gas pipe line tubes.

Gas supply plan of private house requires primary documentation collecting, and then filing an application for gasification installation. The house and the land should have technical conditions. Only after all these collections and registrations you can start gasification plan designing. Gasification plan will help you to avoid corrections of wrong gas supply system calculations. Observing fire security PB 12-609-03 standards (gas tank remote from the house, skied gas line inside the house, accessible and visible position of gas cocks) will allow to minimize the possibility of fire risk.

Let’s excurse a little bit and show our cards. Basically gasification plan is not obligated. You might have different situations in your life when you don’t have either the money or the possibility. That is why there is a solution for small houses and quit tight budgets exists: increased pipe diameter (more than minimum spare) will provide better gas flow, will increase working efficiency of all gasification system and will create a key to the future to connect additional gas appliance.

Planning an independent gas supply you’ll need much less time and documents than for connection to main gas pipe line, for example. Modern technologies and such quality and reliability guarantee like «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А», allow to realize independent gasification of country house without significant efforts and make it comfortable, accessible and fast.

Plan of independent heating for the house
(Pic. 29.3 – Plan of independent
heating for the house. )

The plan of independent heating for the house includes the following:

  • According to the fire security standard PB 12-609-03 a pit for underground tank (gas tank) should be arranged next to the gasifying house in special place – it’s very convenient, useful and safe;
  • Gas pipe line is installed after mounting of the storage tank for liquefied petroleum gas to the base of the house (to the boiler room or to the kitchen);
  • Gas pipe line is pulled to the house through drilled hole and connected to the consumption gas appliance.

In case of emergency or gas leaking gas detectors will inform you on time and will stop gas supply solenoid valve. Designer of gasification project will take into account all your wishes and will blend the equipment in the interior of your house if it will be necessary.



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