Gas contamination check out system

Gas detection analyzer - measuring device
(pic. 125.1 – Gas detection analyzer -
measuring device )
Fire alert
(pic. 125.2 – Fire alert)
Gas contamination check out system
(pic. 125.3 – Gas contamination
check out system)

The role of «premier violin» in gas contamination check out system is played by gas detection analyzersThey detect gas and vapors concentration in the rooms and in case when settled rate is increased they inform about danger and send control signal to executive device. Gas detectors send a signal to close electromagnetic secure valve. Gas supply to the house stops in case of signal from any of gas detection analyzers.

Besides gas sensory device which constantly spies out atmosphere gas contamination check out system should contain devices of remote warning: display consoles, sound-and-light alarm or signal panels. I.e., devices which convert alarm sign to sound and light «message».

Frequently, especially when old control systems are used, there is occurred a problem of signal generality, when any of detectors works out but the same lamp on display console shows up. Buzzer informs about the fire but it’s impossible to understand which room gas detection analyzer worked out in. To identify the fire source you’ll spend precious time that you almost don’t have – in 30-40 seconds you will not be able to stop the fire.

This problem is especially topical for multistorey private houses. In multistorey buildings it’s reasonable to apply combined gas contamination check out system which provides better demonstrativeness; it will allow to control address of the signal: which floor, which part of the building it came from. Each lamp on signal panel should correspond to exact floor or even to exact room. That will give the possibility to get to the room with fire extinguisher where the fire occurred and to fight it.

The fire might occur not only because of gas. That’s why besides gas detectors there is required rooms control with help of carbon oxide CO detectors (sweetdamp) and toxic gases (poison) sensors.

It’s important to organize sound and light alarm isolated from alarm of the detectors themselves which duplicate the warning. Besides signal panel or display console inside the house (in the boiling room or technical room) there should be installed sound-and-light alarm outside, under the canopy above entrance door. In this case you will know about the danger even when you’ll be in your garden that moment. Or, if there is nobody in the house, a neighbor will hear warning signal.

Remember: the fire requires fast and efficient response.
Use of gas contamination check out systems, together with carbon dioxide type fire extinguishers in the house and outside will help to prevent an accident and protect the property.

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