Fire-extinguisher bottles cannot be too many: to manage in 40 seconds

Fire security for house
(pic. 116.1 – Fire security for house)

Two fire-extinguisher bottles on the walls of the boiler station, one «carbon-dioxide assistant» in each room – do you think it’s too much? Is it over-caution?

That would be good if this detail of fire security for the house will stay needless. But it’s always better to secure yourself instead of rely on irresponsible «that will never happen with me».

Group of Companies «Terrikom» offers fire-extinguisher bottles CO2 (carbon-dioxide): portable and movable. Capacity range for portable fire-extinguisher bottles is 1.34, 2.7, 4, 5.4, 6.7, 8 L. Capacity range for movables fire-extinguisher bottles is 9.4, 13.4, 2х10 (double cylinders, 10L each) 2х13.4, 2х16.8, 3х26L.

Fire-extinguishers of small volume are appropriate for private houses with small areas; they are light but aimed to be used not so long.

Fire-extinguishers with big volume are used to equip huge industrial areas; they are moved on wheeled cart.

Fire-extinguisher bottles cannot be too many

Carbon dioxide type fire extinguishers, aimed to extinguish electricity-generating equipment (voltage up to 1000V) and agents where air access is required to burn, should become an essential part of countryside house. Such fire dangerous area as boiler station should be equipped by minimum two appliances (the second one for the case of refuse of the first one) to extinguish fire. Minimum! But the main thing is that you should understand that it’s NOT reasonable to save on it. CO2 fire extinguisher in other rooms is not excessive fear but CHANCE.

The chance to save your house from the fire. Next »

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