Has «Shale Revolution» already occurred? Or Who is happy to lie in Russia?

(pic. 10.1 - Shale)
Shale gas recovery
(pic. 10.2 – Shale gas recovery)

Has «Shale Revolution» already occurred? Is «Gazprom» at a dead-lock? Does the chairman of Russian energy company need a doctor?

In the beginning of April media-air was stirred up by the reaction of famous TV presenter Mikhail Leontiev to the announce made by the head of «Gazprom» Aleksey Miller about American «shale bulbs».

In the announce of the head of «Gazprom» there was a forecast about soon death of the USA «shale bulb». Miller does not see any Russian risks in the shale gas recovery realized by Americans who «stays to be the country with insufficient gas resources». Miller affirms that the efficiency on the shale gas loopholes is negative everywhere. The chairman of OAO «Gazprom» said that Russian Company possesses identical technologies but takes a dim view of shale gas recovery.

An answer of Mikhail Leontiev was sharp, with refer to medical diagnostics. TV presenter called Aleksey Miller mad, criminal and traitor. He found him guilty in «Gazprom» breakdown and sabotage organizing, which put off the guard of Russia who wrapped up in sweet dreams and missed «shale revolution».

It’s not clear for Leontiev who «maniac» Miller wants to deceive; he was charged by the president to develop reply strategy to American “shale revolution”. Vladimir Putin’s words about the recovery of 214 billion cubs of shale gas per year by the United States were parried by «negative efficiency» by Miller.

Leontiev wonders: are big American companies and enormous amount of small ones really unprofitable? Do all of them recover shale gas at their sacrifice? How can America cope with it? Enormous advantage received by the USA in the form of chip energy and heightened rates of «shale revolution» are not clear for Miller but not for Leontiev.

TV presenter called announce of the head of «Gazprom» about identical technologies and gas recovery from Kuzbas coal «good gig». Leontiev says that «Gazprom» drives Russia to the situation which threatens its national interests. He also offers to call a doctor for Miller. That because the biggest Russian energy Company is headed by a person who is infected by the madness from Qatar brothers who he tried to organize with a gas alliance.

The forecast of Leontiev is: «Due to idiotic price policy «Gazprom» will lose Europe». That will be the fault of the «madman».

The United States and Canadian shale gas reserves
(pic. 10.3 – The United States and
Canadian shale gas reserves)

The last announce of Miller that «Gazprom» is not interested in shale gas but in shale oil”, TV presenter described as semi-criminal, close to psychosis. Having the biggest world gas resources the absence of «Gazprom» interest wonders. That because the local gas recovery at the absence of gas pipelines could solve local goals.

Indecent expenses during gas recovery by «Gazprom» aimed to unprofitability were called by Leontiev as banal theft. And he also called the interest to shale oil - pathology. The landslide of the prices for oil will strike Russian budget much stronger that the landslide of the prices for gas. That because gas plays quit modest role in budget planning. Moreover, the recovery of shale oil is more complicated and expensive.

In conclusion there are some facts out of the frameworks of media-swordplays: America prefers to have technologic revolutions at home. The pioneers of shale gas recovery are the USA.

The growth of shale gas market volumes five times decreased inside price for gas. It’s serious challenge for Russia and unavoidable review of hydrocarbon strategy.



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