Price decrease for the gas tanks: focus on the quality

«Previously we lived quit happily, and now we live well», - ordinary Russian sais. He also adds: «Hope it fizzles out soon.» That’s about the crisis. Yes, we hope so.

Price increase
(pic. 48.1 – Price increase)

It’s not a secret what’s going on in our country: we were plunged into it, we felt it, we tried to adapt. The sanctions from the West. The inflation. Price increase. Cut of buying activity. The crisis is storming, it changes orienting points and concepts, and it modifies the way of living. Imported products, customer electronics, equipment, cars, ext., everything became more expensive. Russians reduced their trips abroad and scraped to ambitious project. Figures… any figures on the indicator boards of the exchange offices are hardly able to make surprised anybody.

The chain «oil price downturn - price increase for imported goods» taught us to spend money wisely. To weight decisions. To look for identical local variants, less expensive, as crisis asks.

What if an alternative doesn’t exist? Like in the situation with Italian vertical gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni» where the technical characteristics don’t know any equals. You will never find in Russia the gas cisterns with such high quality, efficiency, durability and reliability.

(pic. 48.2– Crisis)
Advantageous chance
(pic. 48.3 – Advantageous chance )

What should we do in this situation?
To think about the future. To choose absolute quality. From its turn, «Antonio Merloni» Concern and its official representative in Russia, the Group of Companies «Terrikom» tried to simplify this choice.

Beginning from January, 2016 the price for gas tanks from “Antonio Merloni” which have perfect reputation was considerably reduced.

We had a long run to this decision, we were discussing the situation with our Italian colleagues, and we were distressed for our clients who had difficulties in buying a gas cistern because of Euro rate increase. But we succeed – we managed to reduce the price and support Russian customer who wished to buy for their private house reliable and durable system of independent gasification.

In Chinese language the word «crisis» is described by two hieroglyphs: the first one cautions – «danger», the second one reminds – «advantageous chance».

Danger or chance.

Who knows when the crisis is going to relax the hold on and when Russian economy consolidates its position? Nobody knows. But you have a chance now to buy Italian gas tanks at reduced price which is the answer to the fever of foreign exchange market.

Decide now because when the crisis falls away the manufacturer will wish to return the prices to their original position.

In 2016 focus on the perfect quality at the lowest price!

Why don’t we use the last one?

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