Independent gasification vocabulary: basic terms

Here is a vocabulary for better introduction and perfecting your knowledge about independent gas supply:

Independent gasification vocabulary
(pic. 132.1 – Independent gasification

1. Independent gasification – ideal alternative to the main pipeline gas; a system with built-in security which includes gas tank and gas pipeline; «personal gas» for system of life-sustaining activity in the house. Also: independent gas supply.

2. Anode-cathode protection – three component electrochemical protection for gas tank under the ground, which stands against corrosion and impact of vagabond and induce currents.

3. BBF – butane-butylene fraction received with thermal treatment of gasoil (refined product). It corresponds to liquefied petroleum gases (see “LPG”).

4. Concrete-alkaline pad – concrete base of gas tank, protected from acid base impact, ensuring integrality of load-bearing reinforcement, it doesn’t afraid of loads and induce electric currents.

5. Double reduction – two reduction gears included in «Antonio Merloni» gas tanks; they adjust gas pressure and guarantee stable gas evaporating (see «Gas tank efficiency») regardless the filling level of the cistern.

6. Gas tank/gas holder – special cistern for LPG storage; the main element of independent gas supply system (see «Independent gasification») in countryside house, summer house, cottage; cistern to be charged, where it happens gas evaporating supplied to consumers by system of gas pipelines.

The main definitions
(pic. 132.2 – The main definitions)

7. Gasification – the process of combustion gas obtaining from liquid or solid fuel, realized in gas generators.

8. Epox – Italian name of gas tanks (they are called in Italy like this).

9. Cascade connection – connection of two and more gas tanks, reserving of gas cisterns where the advantage is high reliability, the possibility to increase the total capacity without cistern replacement.

10. The main pipeline gas – natural gas delivered to the consumer by the main gas pipeline.

11. «Marsupio» bag – unique protective bag patented by Italian Company «Antonio Merloni». Purpose: to protect cistern from mechanical damages, to use deep thermal potential of the ground to heat LPG, to facilitate mount of gas tank. Material: solid electrically-conductive polymer.

12. Pressure testing operations – prelaunching pipelines hermiticity (integrality) checkout which is realized under excess pressure; it helps to detect defects in pipes, connections and subsystems.

13. PB 12-609-03 – fire security standard which prescribes the remoteness of the cistern from the house, the way of gas pipeline installation inside the house, positioning of gas valves. Mounting of independent gasification systems is realized only by certified professionals who have certificate PB-12-609-03.

Useful knowledge for everybody
(pic. 132.3 – Useful knowledge for everybody)

14. HDP pipe – pipe made of low pressure polyethylene (HD, HDP) and found widespread application in gasification.

15. Efficiency of gas tank – parameter which characterizes the quantity of evaporated gas (when LPG escapes from liquefied to gas state) and depends on temperature.

16. CPBM – commercial propane/butane mix received from the oil-fuel or from the condensate fraction of natural gas; it’s widely applied in public utility field. This is the most popular type of liquefied petroleum gases (see «LPG»).

17. LPG – liquefied petroleum gas; in standard conditions it presents in gas state. The main components of liquefied petroleum gas are propane and butane. Also: LPG – Liquid Petroleum gas; GPL – Gaz Petroleum Liquide

18. Fuel calorific efficiency (low heating value)– the quantity of heat appeared after combustion of volume unit or exact fuel basis. Measures in J/m3; J/L; J/kg.

19. Arrangement (of something) – is a package of goods and services which allows to realizes in full an exact article; works and materials. For example: arrangement of gas service pipe.

20. Gas service pipe – connecting element in gas pipeline which makes passage from underground gas pipe to external pipe; fixed welded joint nearby external wall of gasified object.

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