Gas tank installation in winter? It’s not a problem!

Winter is not a barrier!
(pic. 119.1 – Winter is not a barrier!)
Gas tank mounting all the year
(pic. 119.2 – Gas tank mounting all the year)

For those who are waiting for spring warmth to organize a system of independent gasification. For those who look with caution on the frozen soil being afraid of intensive ground works at the height of winter frosts. For those who doubt in efficiency of winter mounting. This article is for you.

No need to be afraid of winter works to organize pit and trench. Frozen ground is not a problem. Water wells, graves are being digged all the year; ground works are realized every day.

There is no any difficulty for professionals to dig a dip pit in the ground cough by frost. Moreover, when it is used a tractor with special device which cuts frost ground. Tractor breaks very fast top «shell» (uppermost layer) reaching normal soil – soft ground, where usual shovel can operate.

That is why – all doubts are aside!!! Ground works, before mounting of «Antonio Merloni» equipment for independent gasification, can be realized in winter. «Winter» gas tank installation itself and gas pipe line installation to the pediment of the house is not too much differ from «summer» one – the procedure doesn’t depend on season. You should just understand that ground works bear very slight relation to mount of gas cistern. These fields belong to different professionals. And real professionals don’t have any problems.

Winter installation of «Antonio Merloni» gas tank has only small nuances:
- Digging in is realized more carefully (because of frozen ground) but since professionals from Group of Companies «Terrikom» place gas tank and gas pipeline in sand lock, layer of soil is laid only on river sand above the trench.

– Complexity with HDP gas pipe which becomes harder in winter and hardly straightens from the coil. This can be solved very easily: polyethylene pipe is brought to the house where it warms, and it is unwound directly from warm house.

Gas tank installation in winter? It’s not a problem!

Here is all the difference. Mounting of gas tanks is realized every day, in winter and in summer.

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