Instructions for realization of ground works: independent gasification

Mounting of independent gasification system on the object (private house, summer house or cottage) supposes the ground works required for gas pipeline installation from the underground gas tank to gas socle inlet of the building.

Ground works, when independent gas supply on base of Italian cisterns from «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.» is organized, require close compliance of each step from the following INSTRUCTIONS:


Инструкция по проведению земляных работ автономная газификация
Compliance of each step from the instruction realizing ground works
(pic. 70.1 – Compliance of each step from the
instruction realizing ground works)
  1. Ground works are realized according to the fire security standards PB 12-609-03. The mounting is realized only by certified professionals who have the certificate PB 12-609-03.

  2. The pit for gas tank next to the gasified object is organized according to the technical design specification. The depth of the pit depends on the volume of the cistern and composes 2.1-3.0 meters.

  3. The distance from the cistern for liquefied gas storage to the nearest construction should be no less than 5 meters.

  4. The depth of the trench for gas pipeline installation depends on the depth of the soil freezing in exact region and composes 1,6-1,7 meters. The width of the trench is 0,6 meters.

  5. Gas pipeline is installed on the banking made of fine-grained sand (thickness – 0.1 meter), arranged on the bottom of the trench.

  6. Gas tank and gas pipes are covered by river sand – to place them in the «sand lock».

  7. The trench with installed gas pipeline is covered by the layer of the sand first (thickness – 0.2 meter), and then by alarm strip of yellow color. Then there is realized a final burying by the ground.

  8. Gas socle inlet and the place there gas pipe drops to the trench near the gas tank is covered by the sand circle wise (diameter – 0.3m). To prevent the separation of the gas pipe from the connecting constructions it is required correct tamper of the covering sand near the socle inlet to the house and gas tank. The tamper includes watering of vertical sections of the gas pipeline and tightening of the sand layers in each 0.2 meters, height along.

Attention! Improper following of the Ground Works Instruction can cause the depressurization and separation of the gas pipe from the gas tank and gas socle inlet.

Mounting schema of underground Аntonio Merloni vertical gas tank, V=1.000L

(pic. 70.2 – Mounting schema of underground Аntonio Merloni vertical gas tank, V=1.000L)

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