Verdict from the winter

Sunlight was shining to the kitchen joined with the living room. Konstanin’s face above small vase with cases and cookies was shining by the enthusiasm.

- I’m going to install horizontal gas tank what I also advise to you, Borisovitch. Economy is an economy both in Africa and in Russia, it doesn’t matter, does it professor?

- What if it catches up with you, Kostik, this economy, what if it resounds with unforeseen expenses?

Mikhail Borisovitch thoughtfully smoothed down his grey small beard which was the reason why his neighbor Konstantin often called him “professor”. However, previously Mikhail Borisovitch really gave lessons in technical institute but now he has his own house, nature; the only one what is left it to gasify and prepare for winter.

- And me, I will settle on vertical cistern from “Antonio Merloni”, - professor said. – They are durable, reliable and evaporate gas even at minus forty degrees. The price, you know Kostik. It should be compared with the quality but not with another price.

Konstantin only shrugged his shoulders like telling “suit yourselves, professor”. Even sitting at round dining table and leisurely drinking tea the owner of the private house looked irrepressible who was always looking for back ways and the possibility to save money. For a moment the agenda was a question of independent gasification for the house. Konstantin took a decision: horizontal gas tank from domestic manufacturer.

- Quality? I don’t need beautiful thing - that’s enough for it to fulfill its functions. Why should I pay more?
In the words “why should I pay more?” Mikhail Borisovitch who was invited by the neighbor to drink some tea, saw hidden threat. He thought about cracked piggy bank, where all the savings were depreciated.
- I know your position, - he nodded. – But I want to caution you. You see the quality just as nice picture with its exterior appearance, but watch it as an efficiency performance.
- Well, we’ll see when I buy it! As for saved money, I’ll spend it to throw a party! – Konstantin smiled. – High quality party!

Mikhail Borisovitch just shook his head. Heh, he has a lot to learn. Professor looked out the window to green lawn with nursery transplants of fruit trees and took a gulp of aromatic tea.
It’s reasonable to note that Konstantin never saved on tea.


The same evening Mikhail Borisovitch switched on computer and opened “skype”.
Yesterday he studied in detailed the “content” of website: he watched feedback from the clients, red articles and informational texts which gave full idea about the system of independent gasification where the heart was Italian gas tank. The article “How to make an order” explained in details the procedure how to buy gas cistern.

Official representative of “Antonio Merloni” Corporate in Russia (“at home”, as Mikhail Borisovitch usually sais) is Group of Companies “Terrikom” whose office is situated in Moscow. A client could make an order through internet-shop or “by voice” contacting professional from GC “Terrikom” by phone or by “Skype”.

Mikhail Borisovitch chose the second way. He was afraid that his phone call wouldn’t be accepted – the watch showed 17:58 but working hours of managers in the company finished up at 18:00 (according to the article).

Mikhail Borisovitch heard connecting signal. The voice of a manager who answered the call didn’t look like to be in a hurry at all. Together with the manager Mikhail Borisovitch passed all the steps to register an order: considering the area of the house he chose ready-made solution, made a list of additional options, fulfilled the columns with contact information. They specified all details. Five minutes and everything was ready. Cogwheel of the mechanism started moving – the company accepted the order.
The rest of the day Mikhail Borisovitch spent reading and dreaming about soon gasification.

In the morning he received by e-mail a letter from GC “Terriokom”.

And not the only one but two available commercial proposals: alternative with one 5000L gas tank and cascade with two 2250L cisterns to realize reliable connection. “Reliability” – Mikhail Borisovitch liked this word. Like the word “choice”.

He settled on commercial proposal with two gas tanks. He called again the office and gave the number of the proposal.In one day after the payment was made a team of installers arrived to professor (he checked out the contract in soft form – there were not any hidden pitfalls); they had two vertical gas tanks with them on the board of the manipulator.


Standing on the porch Konstantin was catching July sun rays, too much diligent by the way but birds and plants liked it. You cannot order the Sun to calm down with the temperature range, here the sky which determines the edge of the line. Konstantin could be responsible only for himself: for his own actions and decisions.

Today the entrepreneur was waiting to feel the profit from them.

He turned the head and looked at his private residence. Double-storey house got used to such judicious and measuring glances. Unpretentious box of dark-red color made of bricks. Of course, you couldn’t feel any French lightness in the style of this house, where arched doors and windows were adorable. There were not any walls made of glass and solar batteries on the roof. There were not any warmth of wood and freshness of trim stone. But Konstantin didn’t want to see the beauty of the exterior but liveliness of economy. That was completely fine with him.

Paved path was running from the housed, it was running towards wide-opened gates where manipulator with horizontal gas tank in the carbody was driving in.


When installers left, the sun was sloping to the horizon. Konstantin staid in the garden for some more time. Standing next to the gas service pipe hiding in the pedestal, he was looking at the house of the professor. Two-storey wooden construction rose above the fence; it had carved shutters and solid porch. System of independent gasification was installed for the professor last week; it was mounted well and fast comparing with today sufferings of the team of professionals hired by Konstantin but…

… “economy!” – reminded himself Konstantin. “Horizontal or vertical…, who cares! Now we both have independent gas; and me, furthermore I saved money! And now – let’s celebrate, as I promised!”

Konstantin run to the kitchen and came back to the garden with big basket: fruits, sausages, cheese, caviar, cognac. He made himself comfortable on the blanket spread on the grass, winked to neighbor’s house: “Indulge in some tea, professor? With your vertical gas tank, not too big possibility to celebrate”.

Horizontal or vertical….
Konstantin felt the difference when winter came.


It was pellet snowing outside - if you go out it crisps under your feet, bites your skin, dump on and turn. White snowflakes were covering environs, the air between buildings froze creating ice net, and the memories about the warmth became so far and sweet desired.

Winter made its own verdict. “Summer” economy left Konstantin’s house without warmth promising new expenses. Less expensive horizontal gas tank did a poor job with severe frosts: efficiency pulled the rug out.

The systems stopped, the house stood cold, the owner like a cabbage stalk was sinking in warm cloths and complains.
- I’m not going even to tell you that I cautioned you, - Mikhail Borisovitch said when he heard about Konstantin’s problem. – Economy is not bad thing but to save, Konstantin, you should do that for the long term watching in the future.

– But the cistern is completely similar to yours; it’s just a barrel for gas but horizontal! Why is it not enough? Yours, why is it doing its stuff but not mine?
Professor rearranged his glasses and added some mint tea to Konstantin. It was warm and comfortable in the house; samovar was exuding the steam. Konstantin was jealously looking at operating gas convector.
- Barrel but not usual one. Do you remember I told you about the quality as about the efficiency parameter? And about the temperature when “Antonio Merloni” vertical gas tank evaporates gas, I also mentioned it. You don’t remember? Ok, in this case listen again and look at the thermometer… How much? Twenty eight? That’s it!

-What do you mean “that’s it”?
-Do you know which regions horizontal gas tanks were designed for? For southern. But if you stray from the South please, us them where the temperature never drops lower than minus twenty. In bad case … it’s your situation, Kostik.

-Hrmph, I let myself down, Borisovitch. I let myself down.
-People learn from past mistakes. It’s never late.
-To make mistakes?

Mikhail Borisovitch fatherlike shacked his head.
-To learn. To draw correct conclusions. One gas tank might differ from another gas tank, as you already could see.
-But I was assured! – blew up Konstantin, addressing his anger towards approachless company which installed horizontal gas tank to him. – Liquid surface are! Configuration!
-Efficiency doesn’t depend on liquid surface area. Noway.
-What does it depend on?
- On the temperature, Kostik. When you deal with closed cisterns under the pressure only the temperature influences evaporation of gas. The higher it is the more efficient evaporation, the higher gas tank efficiency we get. Everything is simple. Vertical gas tanks from “Antonio Merloni” – is a response to severe Russian winters.

- They evaporate up to minus forty? – Konstantin asked, finally starting remembering details from the previous conversation about gas tank.

Mikhail Borisovitch nodded.
- And as for stable pressure, Kostik, they are reducing valves which are responsible to it. Full gas tank or almost empty – the pressure will be always the same. And this fact also plays into the hands of the efficiency.Konstantin was sitting and thinking, cookies in his hand staid untouched for several minutes. He listened to the “lecture” given by the professor with diligence of submissive student.
Equipment should work, - he told quietly, even better to himself. – And the quality should work for the owner of the equipment. How did you say… we should save for the future?
-Exactly, - Mikhail Borisovitch smiled and reached out for the tap of samovar. – I’ll present you the business card of “Terrikom” Company after we finish up drinking tea.



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