Reliability and security in use of «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А. » gas tanks.

Vertical gas tanks
(Pic. 7.1 – Vertical gas tanks)
Security in use of independent gas
(Pic. 7.2 –Security in use of
independent gas)
Quality guarantee
(Pic. 7.3 - Quality guarantee)

Myths, rumours and cinematography provoke our unconscious fears of potential danger concluded in the power of liquified fuel. These fallacies about independent gasification frighten people away and put in doubt security of gas using. The terrible pictures of gas explosion consequences in residential areas don’t concern an independent gas-supply!

Beginning from 1952 there have not been detected any accidents in the world connected with independent gasification. Outdoor gas industry is completely safety. Gas as an explosion cause is a tired stereotype. Vertical gas tanks are not the bombs, buried on the plot area. Only the fire inside the house might pose the threat.

The following three conditions are required to provoke the gas explosion:

  1. Closed space;
  2. Fatal concentration limit of the gas in the air: 5-8% of gas and 92-95% of the air (nothing will happen if there will be less than 5% of gas, the fire will occur if there will be more than 8% of gas);
  3. Fire resource (spark).

There is no air in «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А. » gas tanks; all the space of the tank is 100% fulfilled with the gas. Constant pressure in the tank completely excludes any fire getting inside. During tank heating the pressure (6 bars) starts growing; obtaining 17, 5 bars safety valve opens, and gas completely discharges up in the atmosphere in the liquid state. Explosion doesn’t happen; the bottle is just becoming red-hot. That is why after the installation the tank is placed into the sand lock. The sand doesn’t let pass the flame, well drains the water and minimize mechanical damages which might occur during spring melting. All these factors exclude any tank explosion!

Safe gas tank usage is provided with external triple epoxy corrosion-resistant protective coating and special inside corrosion-resistant coating. The composition between gas tank walls doesn’t disturb thermal transmission from the earth to inside bottle, providing the conditions for boiling and for liquified gas evaporating.

All «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А. » equipment is completely grounded. Sensitive sensors installed in the house respond to the fuel leakage and immediately inform about any problem.

Three-component anode-cathodic protection (2 cathodes and 1 anode) connected and activated on the factory, protect s from the underground vagabond and induce current impact. “Marsupio” bag made from strong conducting polymer (150 years of lifetime) is also connected to anode-cathodic protection; the bag keeps it in active state during any season. Special “Marsupio” bag protects tank from mechanical damages during ground movements, it uses potential earth capacity for heating and speeds up installation process excluding any mounting mistakes.

The most obvious and simple security requirement of gas tank is its weight. Small weigh shows that the walls of the gas tank are thin what makes it nondurable and poor resistant to the loads. Thin tank wall is a reason of prompt cracks, fragility, collapse and rust formation. Compare «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А. » tank weigh and the tank weight of other companies and you’ll see the difference!



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