Independent gasification of private objects in 1 day is a reality but the process of preparation works and mounting of gas supply systems is usually not quit clear for most owners of country houses and cottages who plan to organize an independent gas supply. This video will help you to get an idea about it, and the textual excursion will bring you to the world of fast equipment installation for independent gas.

On all the territory of Russia Italian Corporate «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А» sells and delivers gas tanks, realizes preparation works, mounting of gas cistern including gas pipe connection to the base, service maintenance (for all our clients) and charging.

Onsite consultation on place
(pic. 1.1 – Onsite consultation on place)

After coordination of independent gas supply installation works and signing the contract for equipment delivery and mounting there is realized onsite consultation to start the operating process. Onsite consultation on place will help you to find the best place for gas installation, to choose the best scheme which will allow to well place gas pipe line and determine the points of gas service pipe, and to give a complete understanding of the customer in gas-supply, heating, electric power supply and septics.

Independent gasification of the private house is realized in the following way: a pit for gas tank is organized next to the gasifying construction according to the fire security standard PB 12-609-03 in concordance with technical specification received from sales manager. A cistern for liquefied petroleum gas is put down to this pit together with included concrete-alkaline base plate (from 2.1 to 3.0 m depth depending from the volume of the gas tank). Included base plate allows to compensate the soil movements. Anode-cathode protection is already connected to the protective “Marsupio” bag which was designed by Italian professionals especially to exclude any mounting mistakes and damages during loading and unloading works with the crane. After gas tank mounting there is a gas pipeline installed directly to the base of the building – to the boiler or kitchen - where it is connected by the socket inlet through the hole to the gas consumer.

Gas pipeline is connected to the neck of the gas tank by brass compressive adapter with brass insert which seals hermetically joint point. Main line crossing the territory of the lot is mounted in trench (lower than the depth of soils freezing – 1.5-1.7 m). The width of the trench is 0.6 m. For mounting we use only gas pipes made of high density polyethylene (HDP), welded with electrofusion welding machine. According to the fire security standards it is completely unacceptable to use threaded joint!

Experienced professionals in mounting and maintaining
(pic. 1.2 – Experienced professionals in
mounting and maintaining)

Final stage includes pressure operations with testing of all joints under excessive pressure and cistern charge with propane-butane from liquefied gas carrier. Only after the charging we give instructions to cover it with river sand – pipes and gas tank are placed to the “sand lock”.

Only experienced professionals in mounting and maintenance work in «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А» Company, they passed special instruction and training courses and have PB 12-609-03 certificate. Gas tank (single cistern) installation and mount of gas-supply system will take to Italian professionals only 1 day (no more than 4 hours!). All gas tank details are welded and molded in advance. Light damages got during the transportation to other cities of Russian by transport companies can be easily removed on place during mounting with two-component protecting composition “Carboline”, cleanup brush and de-oiler (acetone or spirit). Take note that there is nothing catastrophic in occasional scratches and damages. It is a client who decides if he wants to use two-component composition “Carboline” or not, but all damages are easily removed on place without quality and functionality tradeoff.

It is not a big deal if you lost the possibility to install independent gasification system before construction works. Mounting of independent gas supply is also possible in ready house and in any stage of construction works.

Remember! It is completely unacceptable to realize any self-activity during independent gasification system mounting! Mounting, connection, testing and charging should be realized only by experienced professionals who have PB 12-609-03 certificate!



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