Independent gasification: fast and chip

Which urban dweller does not dream about his own country house? Nice, comfortable, independent from the state energy sources.

But very often the way to this «independence» is blocked by the absence of gas…
Is it a global problem? Not at all!

Disadvantage of the main pipeline gas absence is solved easily and fast, and - what is the most important – not expensive, thanks to the independent gasification which is realized on base of vertical underground gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А»

The problem of gasification is solved money-saving and reliable: by installation of a gas tank (underground cistern for gas storage) and gas pipeline to the socle of the building where inside there is realized gas supply to the consumers. All purposed liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) whose reserves in the gas tank will be sufficient for half a year – year (then everything is solved by usual charge from a gas carrier) helps in cooking, water heating, electricity producing, feeding of heating system, air conditioning and other appliances which are necessary in everyday life.

Group of Companies «Terrikom» official representative of Italian Company «Antonio Merloni» sells and supplies high quality gas tanks all around the territory of Russia and to member countries of Customs union. Experienced certified professionals realize onsite consultation and preparatory works; they mount gas cisterns in appropriate place on the lot and install underground steam-and-gas pipeline to the house; they also provide maintenance and charge, give a client complete idea of gasification question.

Independent gas supply to private houses or summer houses for 1 day came true. It will take no more than 4 hours to mount independent system with one gas tank which has unprecedented service life – 50 years. No welding works near to the house (all the details of the cisterns are welded in the workshops of Italian corporate and pressure tested), no disgusting ground based cisterns, no problems with exploitation.

Easy, fast and economically efficient!



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