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Mounting of independent gas supply system for a countryside house includes ground works to install vertical gas tank, gas pipeline installation, connecting and test of appliances. This video pays your attention to the details in mounting of a cistern to store liquefied gas, where the most important are the following:

  • The distance from the gas tank to the nearest constructions should correspond to the fire code. The area for future pit is specified according to the instructions of the manual supplied together with the cistern.
  • The range of works to mount gas equipment should be realized by certified professionals who have valid allowance PB 12-609-03.
  • Ground works are realized according to the dimensions indicated in the instructions (width, length, height). The bottom of the pit should have plain sand cushion (200 mm), gas tank is installed exactly in vertical position on concrete-alkaline base.
  • Before mounting it is required to make sure that corrosion resistant epoxy protective coat «Carboline» was not disturbed. All the operations require heightened safety precautions observance to avoid damages of epoxy coat, damage of protective cap and equipment placed inside it.
  • The cistern is buried according to minimum height, the ground near cathode and anodes (installed on the distance of approximately 30 cm from the gas tank) should be well moisturized to provide maximum electric conductivity. Cables situated outside should be free.
  • Cables from anodes and cathode are connected according to the schema inside the j-box lid. Gas tanks are equipped by protective bags «Marsupio» which are connected to anode-cathode protection.
  • The cistern installed in the pit is covered by river sand (placed in «sand lock») till the level indicated on the necktube. At the depth of 10 cm it is installed protective alarm grid.
  • After the installation of the gas tank is finished it is realized a test of voltage and current rate. Voltage level on cathode should be in limits of 0.9 … -1.59V; current conducted by anodes should not exceed 10mA. In case the parameters exceed specified limits, it is recommended to make another test in 6 months.


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