Vertical underground gas tank

Vertical underground gas tank


1000 litre

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• You will not find gas tanks with a longer operating life - «Antonio Merloni» products will serve you and your home for more than 50 years; • Today it is the best in price and quality aspects; • Unique approach: complete assembling and equipment on Italian factory, no need to perform any assembling works on place; • Proved quality - all goods are certified, tested and correspond to all engineering standards (European and Russian); • Exceptional protection under the ground thank to the unique patented seven-component polymer bag «Marsupio»; • The capacity of the tank is choosing individually, considering supposed intensity of gas consumption (any required volume is obtained by cascade connection of several gas tanks), so, you’ll get your individual gasification; • Comfort in use – minimized maintenance of vertical gas tank: only chairing and occasional reducing gear monitoring (blowing off and moisture removal); • Patented double wall technology (bulb in bulb) provides outside and inside corrosion protection; • The products are always in Moscow stock (delivery during 3 days!); • The possibility to use almost in any climatic area of Russia, even during hard winders. Temperature operating range for vertical “Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.A.” gas tanks is from -40 to +50°С (this is the only one tank with included temperature specification data on the plate).




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