About «Antonio Merloni» Company. Past. Part 2.

The merger of Italian Companies
(Pic. 2.1 – The merger of Italian Companies.)

The first step of new «ICEM» Company («Industria Costruzione Elettrodomestici» - major appliance manufacturer) run individually by Antonio Merloni, was a merger with «CO.ME.SA» (manufacturer of tanks for liquefied gas). Within 6 years this merger brought to the Company worldwide leadership in production and selling of tanks for liquid propane.

In 1982 «ARDO S.p.A.» merged with another branch of “ICEM” Company, as a result there was created «Merloni S.p.A.» which became in 1990 a company well known in all the world today as «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.A.».

Antonio Merloni who got his name in honour of his grandfather (money earned on petitions preparations, making letters and also farmland cultivating, a simple farmer invested in his eldest son Aristide education) continued expanding his influence in business field. The products made by his Company were various but always of exceptional quality. The marketing strategy of the Company based on the principle of Merloni announced in the seventies: «The products should be yielded on the base of their own technologies».

In 1983-1984 «Gaifana» factory started making refrigerators and freezing chambers, later it started also producing ring dryers and washing machines.

In 1989 the Company functioned under «Antonio Merloni S.r.l.» name, but next year it changed this name to «Antonio Merloni S.p.A.») and launched “Europeanization” process. The way to Europe started with buying of several companies in Holland and Spain (including «Frenko» и «Newpol»). Then there was total acquisition of English trade company «Servis Ltd». In 1991 there was bought «EBD» Company (today this company functions under «EFS» name) in Germany and «Podium» (today «Podium-Sogedis») in France.

European quality
(Pic. 2.2 – European quality.)

Using the names of old and advanced brands bought by the Company, ambitious Antonio Merloni systematically realized conceived. Italian products with local trademarks were conquering Italian market.

In nineties the Company became an Incorporated Enterprise. In 1993 there was created special projecting and designing department. In 1994 IE «Antonio Merloni S.p.A.» was certificated by the international certification body – SINCERT according to ISO 9002 standards, and in 1997 on all range of manufactured products according to ISO 9007 standard.

In 1995 «Antonio Merloni S.p.A.» bought "Tecnogas S.p.A.» - a manufacturer of electrical and gas stoves, therefore enlarging a range of producing products. In 1996 the Company made one more very significant acquisition: it succeeded in getting its hands on «Domar S.A.». – a manufacturer of washing machines with front loading.

Strategically important step was made in 2000 – there was bought «ASKO» group, a popular brand which was a leader at that moment in selling of domestic appliance in Northern Europe; it also had its branches in Australia and USA.

In 2001 «Antonio Merloni S.p.А.» became one of five leading companies produced large appliance in European Union.

In 2002 there was acquired «Atlantic» brand at «Euronics Group», and in 2003 there was accomplish a deal with unyielding «International» Company; as a result there was signed a contract. According to this contract all «Antonio Merloni S.p.A.» goods under "Philco" brand could be sold only in Italy.

World level
(Pic.2.3 – World level.)

The same year the Company, worried by the environment problems, accepted ecological management system UNI EN ISO 14001:1996.

2005 was very reach for events. In June «Antonio Merloni S.p.А.» announced his new strategy: transition to their own brands, leaving opened production direction for other trademarks too. In October there was opened scientific and research department which was appealed to lead new projects development. In November there were organized presentations of new platform of dishwashing machines, improved with the assistance of «ASKO». In December «Antonio Merloni S.p.А.» Company thank to its huge experience in refrigerator manufacturing offered to the market completely new type of appliance - home pub! – «HOME PUB” refrigerator.

In November, 2007 there was launched an investment project of «Antonio Merloni S.p.A.» corporate group – a modern factory that produced front washing machines «Ukraine domestic appliance».

Having passed long way «Antonio Merloni S.p.A.» enters today as a company of the world level, whose synonym is – absolute quality. This is the Company which honors and carefully preserves a memory about its glory history and traditions.



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