Rockwork or how to decorate a hat of gas tank

Alpine rock garden, imitating stub or plastic round rock
(pic. 108.1 – Alpine rock garden, imitating
stub or plastic round rock)

Rockwork is very popular among the owners of countryside houses. Alpine garden decorates a lot providing more serene relaxation and special atmosphere.

The place where gas tank is installed might become quite unusual zone to organize rockwork. Therefore you will not only decorate a «hat» of the gas cistern but also provide convenient access to it during winter. You will not have to clean «hat» from snow to check the level of available gas.

To decorate upper part of gas tank cover, you don’t have to invite a designer, just dress the «hat» into imitating (hollow) stone and decorate perimeter by other stones, if desired. For example, round rock, made of garden plastic used for decoration of holes and hatches, will be appropriate. «Rock for the hatch» is wide, hollow and has small weigh, that’s why you can move it any moment without any difficulty getting an access to the «hat» of gas tank.

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