Big country – the same price!

The cost of equipment offered by the Group of Companies «Terrikom» is the SAME on all the territory of Russia and Countries of Customs Union! The price for gas tanks from Italian Corporate «Antonio Merloni» and for all the components including the mounting is the same. Whatever the part of the country a phone call could be: from Moscow or from Magadan.

Big country – the same price
(pic. 120.1 – Big country – the same price)
Different ways of delivery in big country
(pic. 120.2 – Different ways of
delivery in big country)

Te difference is only in transportation cost. Only the transportation component has an effect to the final amount for a system of independent gasification which should be paid by a client. The delivery way might be different:


  • Self-delivery (by client’s transport)
  • Transport provided by GC “Terrikom”
  • Services of any Transport Company
  • By a car share, in 40 feet container (gas tanks with small capacities of 1000L and 1650L; to the cities of Far East; for small money by agreement with driver)

The difference is only in the cost of equipment transpiration to an object.
All the rest articles and services have the same price!

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