Product certification: «voluntary» gas tank

Certificate of conformity
(pic. 65.1 – Certificate of conformity)

Voluntary certification
(pic. 65.2 – Voluntary certification)

Certification (certificate obtaining) verifies correspondence of the product characteristics announced in the regulatory documents to the requirements, working regulations and standards. The procedure includes the quality control of a manufacturer’s (or seller’s) products realized by the independent organization. Certificate of conformity issued in written form increases product marketability, confirms its quality and safety, and expand the confidence of a consumer.

Requirements for the certification of the products are settled by: legislative acts of Russian Federation, government standards, construction rules and regulations, sanitary norms and regulations, safety standards and other documents, which specify obligatory requirements for the quality of the goods.

Certification can be regulatory and voluntary.
Regulatory certification is issued by certification authorities accredited in accordance with the established by the Government of Russian Federation procedure. Voluntary certification realized on the recommendation of the manufacturer (seller) is made by the certification authorities accredited in the certification systems.

Determinative law in the certification system of Russia is a law «Concerning the Certification of Goods and Services». The answer to the question: «Which goods should be certified?» is given by the list of the goods which should be obligatory certified.

RF Government Regulation (№982 dated 01.12.2009) «Concerning the affirmation of the consolidated list of the goods, which are the subject to be obligatory certified and the consolidated list of the goods whose confirmation of conformity is realized in the form of declaration of conformity» reduced the list of the goods which should be obligatory certified. Later there were made some modification in the Regulation.

But what about the underground cisterns for liquefied petroleum gas storage?
Gas tanks are not included in the approved list of the goods which should be obligatory certified. Carefully studying quit huge list which includes the product names and regulatory documents determined the requirements to the quality, you can find only the articles which don’t concern gas tanks. Searching by the words «gas tanks» and «cisterns» we get only the following result:

  • Cisterns and vessels for storage and transportation of cryogenic products.
  • Cisterns and vessels for storage and transportation of liquefied ammonia.
  • Cisterns – chill tanks for milk.

The group «Cisterns and Vessels for liquefied gas, stop-cocks …» considers obligatory certification for «Vessels for liquefied gas». The group «Gas appliance for domestic use» considers «Vessels for liquefied gas (with the volume to 12 L)». That is all what we can find at least a little bit concerning the cisterns or storage of liquefied gas.  

A list of the goods
(pic. 65.3 – A list of the goods)

Underground cisterns for storage of liquefied petroleum gas (gas tanks) are not the subject of certain conformity confirmation of quality standards. Nevertheless, GC «Terrikom» issues voluntary certificate of conformity which you can find on our web site following the link in the end of this article.

Italian gas tanks from «Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.» together with the Certificate of Conformity to Technical Security Regulations issued by OOO «ProdMashTest» have international certificate ISO 9001:2008

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