ISO: 9001: controlling the quality (part №2)

ISO 9001
(pic. 67.1 – ISO 9001)

ISO 9001: controlling the quality
Base principles and requirements for the standard

Fundamental principles of the International standard ISO 9001.
PDCA is a base principle, regulatory basis of the standard. The expansion of base principle abbreviation is «Plan-Do-Check-Act» «Plan» means – develop the goals and processes intended to realize the required result according to the policy of the company and consumer interest. «Do» means – realize the processes. «Check» means – control completely all the processes and the quality of the goods. «Act» means – do all possible for constant increase of the rates.

This is simple point of view to the management in an organization whose activity requires planning, realization, inspection and correction (in case of deviation from the plan). Standard obliges to apply this sensible simple principle completely to all the affairs of the enterprise. All ISO 9001 requirements should be fulfilled with fortification by independent proofs in written form. Due to the delicacy in work with protocols, plans, certificates and reports, ISO standard got comic name – «Paper factory».

ISO 9001: Process approach

(pic. 67.2 – ISO 9001: Process approach)

Requirements of the standard
(pic. 67.3 – Requirements of the standard)

The requirements of ISO 9001 standard are based on the following concepts and principles of quality management:

  • Consumer focus (corrective actions on base of consumer satisfaction analyses).
  • Leadership positions of the company management (demonstration that it is focused on the quality through tasks and objectives setting)
  • Inducement of the employees (stimulation of the efforts for constant quality increase)
  • Process approach (correlation of numerous processes and unique directing)
  • System management
  • Eternal perfection
  • Facts – the base to render decisions
  • Mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers.

They are not light-minded slogans. They are set foundations which should correspond to the activity of the enterprise aspiring to correspond to ISO 9001 standard.

It is required from an organization to create a system of quality management documentation which regulates the processes corresponded to the service and tangible product quality. Detalization of the documentation should correspond to the needs of the enterprise and meet requirements of ISO 9001.

ISO 9001 standard motivates for eternal quality increase and to be consumer focused. Certificate of conformity provides organizations, consumers and suppliers with essential advantages.

This is a pledge of the confidence. The guarantee of competence, reliability and marketability.

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