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Prestarting step for gas or liquid system on the object will be pressure testing operations. They are the works aimed to check pipelines integrity (hermiticity) before start-up. Pressure test helps to detect defects in pipes, to check tightness of the pipeline joints, and to find defects in subsystems.

Inspection of pipes and connections is realized under excess pressure. This is connected with the fact that leakage might be either big (obvious) or small (hardly determinate, for example, 8 ml per year). Leakages in the system under pressure are determined with help of high-sensitive digital pressure gage with high precision till 0,01, what allows to judge steadily about pressure stability. The bigger pipeline length the longer pressure testing procedure in the system (the payment is per each working hour). In liquid and gas systems there are tested all connection elements and checked the absence of any defects or damages in pipes, taps and valves.

Pressure testing operations is a finishing tape where you can estimate how correctly a system of pipelines was mounted. This is important step because any leakage (gas or liquid) will certainly turn to a big problem for a client where the result will be stop of the system or a break-down.

Professionals from GC “Terrikom” use high technologies and equipment to make pressure test, what reduces working time and increases test quality. Everything is realized accurately and reliable: joints inspection and time-wise pressure test.




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