Advantages of gas heating

Advantages of gas heating are becoming more and more evident. Today, in the world where people have learned controlling their budget and saving exploitation expanses, gas heating has excel advantages.

Gas heating: time and budget saving.
Pic. 2.1 Gas heating: time and
budget saving.

Gas heating has the following advantages:

  • short-term lag: fast working outlet; fast room heating, what makes heat needs flexible for maneuvering;
  • high efficiency factor: 80%-95%;
  • no need for the preparation process and for the additional storage rooms;
  • wide temperature range;
  • complete electric power independence;
  • gas operating for: outside heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, saunas, outside barbecues, insects protection, outside and decorative lighting;
  • advanced comfort: the possibility to maintain required air temperature with high precision (humidity, serenity);
  • high automatic control level;
  • long-lasting, reliable and environmentally friendly gas heating system;
  • low-cost (relative to water heating), availability.




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