Instruction for credit arrangement in ALFA-Bank (hereinafter referred to as "the Bank") through sales agents (hereinafter referred to as "SA").

Instruction for credit arrangement
( рис 33.1 - Instruction for credit arrangement )

In case if our potential client is ready to buy equipment but he doesn’t have current financial possibilities for it, the purchase can be realized on credit. Please, find below the requirements for that:

  1. SA should present to a supervisor in Moscow office a copy (scanned copy) of the passport (the 1st page and the page with the registration) and any other identification document of the client who wishes to buy equipment on credit (driving license, certificate of assurance, foreign passport, ext.) .
  2. There is also required a phone number of the client which can be used by a manager from the Bank to contact with him and his e-mail address.
  3. To announce exact required amount and terms of the payment.
  4. It’s preferable to make to 20% down payment from required amount.
  5. After the receipt of all necessary documents, the supervisor forwards them to responsible manager in the Bank.
  1. The Bank handles an application during 24 hours from the moment the documents arrived from the supervisor to the Bank.
  2. In case of positive decision the Bank transfers mentioned amount to the account of GC “Terrikom” (hereinafter referred to as "the Seller") and the order is considered as paid.
  3. The Bank forwards to the client an Application Form and Contract (with loan amortization schedule). These documents will be sent to the client by e-mail; he should sign them, scan and send back.

Recommendations for credit scheme use to secure financial risks of the Buyer.

Instruction for credit arrangement

( рис 33.2 - Instruction for credit arrangement )

In case a potential client is ready to buy equipment but he is not agree to make 100% prepayment for it or in case he doubts in the Seller’s possibilities we can offer to use a credit scheme to secure financial risks of the Buyer who is remote from the Seller (Moscow) .

Here the buyer can get a credit in the Bank for required amount through SA (see above mentioned procedure).

In case the Seller doesn’t fulfill the contract obligations and the equipment is not delivered to the address of the Buyer, the Buyer informs the Bank about it through local office or head office in Moscow in written form describing the problem and stops paying the credit. The Banks should be informed about the credit contract cancellation with special Application form where he indicates the amount, contract number and passport details of the client.

In this case the responsibility about the credit payments is shifted to unfair Seller and the Bank enforces all credit obligations from the Seller.

In case of carefully credit obligations fulfillment from the Seller’s part and on time equipment delivery to the address of the buyer, the Seller can make preschedule repayment of the credit in 3 (three) months.

The documents which confirm the receipt of the equipment by the Buyer are the originals of delivery-acceptance certificate and shipping documents (hereinafter referred to as “SD”) personally signed by the Buyer and forwarded to the office of GC “Terrikom”. SH should be signed after the delivery of the equipment to the mounting place. Delivery-acceptance certificate should be signed after gas tank mounting if the mounting was realized by the forces of GC “Terrikom” or SA. It’s preferable to make a photo of the cistern on the lot, mounting process and installed and mounted gas tank.



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