Onsite consultation and gas tank mounting.

Gas tank mounting (independent variant) includes gas tank installation and gas pipe line lay to the house. For professional gas tank mounting is a question of several hours.

Onsite consultation and mounting
(Pic. 10.1 – Onsite consultation
and mounting)
Gas tank installation
(Pic. 10.2 – Gas tank installation)

«Antonio Merloni Cylinders Ghergo Group S.p.А.» offers a wide range of services over the all the territory of Russia: from gas tanks sale to professional engineering according to special operation conditions. Our professionals realize geodesic soil investigation, supply the equipment, carry out preparation works, mount the tank, connect the gas pipe to the base and realize after sale maintenance including the charging.

Onsite consultation team will help you with the following points:

  • to find the best place for gas tank installation;
  • to chose the best scheme which will allow to well place gas pipe line and determine the points of gas service pipe;
  • to give a complete understanding for the customer in gas-supply, heating and electric power supply.

Experienced experts in mounting and service are working in our company; they got special instruction and training courses. Installation expenses are reduced thank to anodic-cathode protection that already connected to «Marsupio» bag. Special mounting slings of protecting bag help to lift gas tank and put down to the pit with the crane.

Gas tank (single cistern) installation and mount of gas-supply system will take to Italian professionals only 1 day (no more than 4 hours!) – the mounting of single tank independent gasification. There are no any welding works on place because all the details are welded and pressurize in the workshop.

Small damages, appeared during the transportation can be easy removed on place during the mounting with two component protecting composition and cleanup brush.

Remember: Only special-purpose companies can operate, diagnose and charge one-use domestic tanks.



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