Misapprehension: environmental friendliness of heating by electricity

Environmentally friendly
(pic. 86.1 – Environmentally friendly)
independent gas
(pic. 86.2 – independent gas)

Those who consider that electrical heating is ecologically clean are mistaken.

Compare electric power and gas within the frameworks of environment in favor of the first one puts in doubt the fact that 80% of Russian electric power plants operate on gas i.e. they burn the same gas to generate electric power which will be used for heating. 6-8% niche is occupied by nuclear power industry, «dirty» from the point of view of ecology.

Central Russia, Moscow, St.Petersburg – gas electric power plants are everywhere.

Yes, at the first glance, electric power seems to be exceptionally environment friendly. But does it concern to all aspects? On one side, electric power transmission by electric power lines and its use are ecologically safe. On the other side, electrical power generation on TPP, HPP and APS go with negative impact on environment. Energy facilities have poisonous influence on biosphere of the planet and considering influence degree come under environmentally harmful industrial objects.

But independent gas which doesn’t have commercial sizes is completely another thing.

Independent gas supply for a private house ensures favorable environmental situation: maintenance of environment and lack of poisonous influence to the soil. Here an interesting fact: independent gas was «incriminated» in ecological usefulness – propane-butane got into the atmosphere draws in ozone holes.

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